Runs (Episode 16)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 2, 2018

Runs (Episode 16)

Warm air caressed Akudo’s face as she stepped into the beautiful compound, built with Italian tiles and marbles. The security lights that reflected on the aisle that led to the main entrance of the house illuminated the whole compound. Akudo wondered what the whole place might be like in a broad day light.

She knew that Sinem was possibly not the owner of the house. He was just a common driver who might never even afford a two bedroom flat, talk of an edifice that looked like buckingham palace.

“Are you coming to return the taxi to your Oga first?” She asked.

“No.” He replied abruptly. “This is where I live.” He said as he drove into a large car garage that had four expensive cars in it; A range rover, two jeeps and a tundra.

“You mean this is your house?” She asked in amazement.

“No, not my house. My elder brother lives here.”

Akudo exhaled, “I almost wondered.”

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“So, where is this your brother?” She asked as she removed her seatbelt.

“He lives in Dubai. He works there. He visits here once in a month. He lives there with his family.”

“I hope he is not a ritualist o.” She said.

Sinem laughed, “I don’t know about that.”

“Because this house wey I see so, for Aba, na only blood money people dey build am.”

Sinem laughed out loud, so loud his voice echoed. “You just spoke pidgin again, and that sentence makes sense in pidjin.”

“no vex,” She chuckled and covered her mouth, “sorry, I won’t speak pidjin anymore.”

“You must be hungry, let me tell the cook to make something.” He said as he led her to the boys quarters. He opened the door of one of the apartments and Akudo was bewildered, she wondered what the main building will look like.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.

“This is where you will stay.”

Akudo searched around the house. It was a one bedroom flat. “You nkor, where you dey stay?”

“The main building.” When dinner is ready, the cook will bring it here.” He said.

 Runs (Episode 11)

Relief flooded her as he left. She walked around the small potable house that had beautiful paintings on the wall. Few moments later, there was a knock on the door, she did the sign of the cross before she opened it. The cook was there, dressed in a perfectly pleated uniform, apron loosely tied around her waist. A young girl who was almost in her thirties.

“Good morning ma’am, toiletries and dinner for you ma’am.” She said elegantly.

Akudo forced a grin, the aroma of the food had ran through her nostrils, she couldn’t wait to devour them and sleep like a baby. The lady handed her a towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, tablet soap and moisturizer in a small container, while she walked passed her into the house with the food. She carefully placed them on the table and turned to leave, “Enjoy your meal ma’am.” She said.

“Hold on please,” Akudo said, as she lifted her second finger. “Is that taxi driver a good man? As in a pastor?” The cook nodded smiling, “Yes he is.”

“Do you think his brother is a ritualist to build this kind of a big house that looks like a cathedral?”

The Cook giggled, “He is a good man ma’am. They are all good men.”

“No call me ma’am,” She said, then shook her head as if she was shaking off something, “Don’t call me ma’am, I am Akudo, what is your own name?”

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“I am sorry ma’am, we’re not permitted to call visitors by their names here. My name is Abigail.”

“Okay Abigail. It’s okay.” She said and turned to give full attention to her food. Abigail slammed the door, and when she opened the bowl of food she was amazed. It was rice and fried plantain with big chops of chicken. She inhaled deeply and lowered herself on the floor, eating every single thing in the bowl.

She managed to walk down the bathroom, undressed as she settled under the shower, she slept under it for a few minutes before she could realize it was already morning and she needed to sleep.


Akudo woke up into a sunny morning, she gasped when she saw the time on the wall, it was a quarter to ten in the morning and she realized she had overstayed her welcome. She got up from the bed and and rushed to the bathroom, brushing her mouth the doorbell rang. She rinsed her mouth hastily and rushed to the door.

“Good morning,” Sinem greeted smilingly. Akudo was surprised at his sight, he was such a handsome man with a height that was above her a bit. He smelt of nice scented deodorant, soft and cool.

“Good morning Mr taxi man, sorry I was about leaving.”

Sinem laughed, “Did you call me a taxi man, I told you my name is Sinem.” He said.

“Oh Mr Sinem, good morning to you, I am sorry to overstay here, I hope I won’t put you in trouble?”

“Where will you be going to? You said your house rent is due and you can’t afford it.”

“Yes, but let me just go and see if I can carry my stuffs and leave.”

“Okay, I will drop you. Where exactly?”

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“Iyana paja.” she said.

“Oh, that’s far. I will drop you, let’s have breakfast first.” He said, as he walked passed her and settled on the couch. “Abigail will bring food in few minutes.” He added.

“Mr Taxi driver, I don’t know how to thank you enough for this kind gesture, I am so grateful.”

“It’s Sinem,”

“No vex, Mr Sinem. You didn’t go to church again?” She asked.

“I did. It was just one hour service.”

Abigail walked in with a tray of croissant, a coffee jug and beverages. She placed it on the table. Akudo lowered herself to the floor. “what is this?”

“Croissants ma’am”

“What’s that?”

“It is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry named for its crescent shape. Made with flour, it’s Mr Sinem’s favorite meal.”

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“You don’t have garri and soup?”

“We do ma’am,”

“Bring it o jare, if I eat this thing now, how will I survive for the whole day at Iyana paja?”

Abigail and Sinem laughed, “I will get you that ma’am.” Abigail said nicely.

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