Runs (Episode 11)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 30, 2018

Kere smiled all the way back to the house. Her life had just began, and she didn’t understand why Odin loved her so much to an extent he was about to make her his wife.

Somehow, she’d managed to forget about the past, she’d managed to let off every burden, every indecent life she’d lived out of her mind. She was going to tell her son calmly about Odin, and she was going to make him understand that he was the best man for them. It had passed two hours, and she’d expected Odin to call and inform her that he was in Abuja.


She slowed on the stairs to her bedroom as she kept dialing his number, but it was unreachable.

“Mom? You’re back?” Her son’s voice came in from behind, “Yes darling. I just came in.” She said, her eyes still placed on the phone.

 Runs (Episode 1)

“I was watching the news in my bedroom, got interrupted when I heard footsteps down the staircase, I suspected it would be you.” He said. But Kere nodded mildly, her mind wasn’t there. “Have you heard of the plane crash?” Ndiana asked.

“What plane crash?”

“Swagga airways, I heard on the news a few minute ago.”

Kere didn’t hear him at first, then his words repeated itself again in her head, her heart fell, “What? Swagga airways from where?”

“From Lagos to Abuja, it happened few minutes ago, I just saw it now on channels TV and all ninety four passengers lost their lives.”

Ndiana stood a few feet away as he spoke, his arms crossed. He’d noticed the diamond ring on his mom’s fingers when her hands trembled. She widened her eyes and asked, almost screaming at him, “When, how? My friend just left me now, he used that flight…” She said with a trembling tone as she disposed her phone on the floor and ran down the staircase.

 Runs (Episode 10)

“Get my car keys Ndiana!” She screamed. Her heart pounding, her brain was as wild as madness. Ndiana didn’t understand what was happening, he rushed to where her car key was and took it hurriedly to her.

“Here,” She grabbed it from him and rushed to her car, “Open the damn gate!” She screamed. Her eyes had started turning red. Ndiana opened the gate hastily, wondering. She drove off speedily.

And as she stood on the hold up along the road, she could hear the gala sellers talk about the plane crash. She switched on her car radio, and her heart was pounding hard, as she listened to the newscaster say, ‘unfortunately, all souls who boarded died in the plane crash, we’ve not been told reasons…’

Tears rolled down her eyes, as she began to weep softly.

“Odin…tell me you missed that flight, call me and tell me how lucky you were to have missed that flight…” She cried out.

The road that led to the airport was occupied with thousands of cars, holding up on a long queue. Kere packed her car by the road and walked hastily to the airport. The airport was filled with hundreds of people. Women and children weeping, men lamenting.

 Runs (Episode 6)

They’d pasted the list of the passengers who boarded that plane, and Kere couldn’t go close to it. Her heart was trembling as she stood afar and saw a young woman faint as she saw her husband’s name on the list. People yelled, gathered and poured water from bottles on her. The airport was loud and noisy and Kere didn’t want to see Odin’s name on that list.

But she closed her eyes against her mind and walked gently through the crowds of people who gathered there. She pushed through, walking through, and panting like a brave lioness. She searched through the list again, her eyes running on it, her heart pounding like a drum. She held the person who stood by her when she saw Odin’s name, ‘number 11- Senator Odin Barak’.

“Nooooo!” She screamed thunderously. Her heart fell, her world had crumbled. She didn’t want to believe it. She lowered herself to the floor, and wept uncontrollably. People gathered around her, people whose eyes were already filled with tears for their own love ones. A reminder of their journey passed by her, she closed her eyes against it and wept bitterly. “My Odin, My Odin!” She screamed. Her heart was heavy, and of all the bitter weight of it she’d tried to pull off, she still saw herself drowning in tears, pains and sorrows.

She sat by a corner at the airport and cried weakly, she’d started acting like a crazy woman. “Show me his body, prove to me that he’s gone!” She screamed. Her face had turned red, her eyes were blurry, and she had cried so much that she became weak and tired. Yet, when she pictured his face in her thoughts and imaginations, it gave her irresistible heartache. She’d fallen ill instantly, and couldn’t drive herself home. More families came to see the names of their loved ones on the list and the boisterous cries, and wailings kept coming like a rain pour.

 Runs (Episode 8)

It was the worst day of Kere’s life, and if there was anything that was going to console her at that moment, it was going to be the appearance of Odin, telling her that he wasn’t on that plane, and that he never used that flight.

That night, her son sat by her bed, watching his mother as she breathed, Inhaled and exhaled tearily and weakly. He couldn’t ask her what was wrong, but he knew she’d lost someone in the plane crash.

“The man who made me, he is dead…” She said tearily, “He died in that plane crash, but I don’t believe it. We were together last night, he put this ring on my finger,” She said, revealing the diamond ring in her finger, “He told me he loved me, we were planning on letting him see you, so that he could tell you how much he loves me, and would want to make us a part of his family.” She wiped her tears, “He loved me, I felt it. I have never felt so much love from any man,” She turned tearily to her son, “Now, he is no more. I wish I can find his body, and hold it, and tell him how much he meant to me.” Ndiana cried too, even when he didn’t know whom his mother was talking about, but he cried with her and watched her say sweet things about Odin.

They cried together until they became weak and slept off in each other’s arms. But she woke up at midnight and remembered the plane crash and Odin, she became teary again, and sob uncontrollably in her son’s arms.

©Vicky Bon

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