Runs (Episode 10)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 29, 2018

Senator Odin’s shoulders brushed against hers, and her heart pounded as blood thrummed hotly through her veins. She had never been susceptible to a man’s touch the way she was to his.

Kere was lying on the bed, while he was kneeling beside her. She glanced up at him, “Come to bed love.” She said mildly. He held her hands and said thoughtfully, you’ve never asked me of my family, or if I’m married or not.” She frowned and placed her hand on his shoulder. ” Because you’ve never derived interest in talking about your family with me.” She said.


Odin’s laughter was deep and amused. “Because the only family I have are two grown sons. Their mother died sixteen years ago. I have been a widower for sixteen years now. You changed my love life story, and made everything beautiful.” She covered her mouth, “Unbelievable, you’re not married?” She asked amazingly.

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“I only share my life stories to people who are special to me, now you know,” He said, reaching out and touching a strand of her hair and allowing it to sift through his fingers. “You might be able to save me from being single all my life.”

The moonlight fell on his face, softening the hard planes as she asked, “And how can I do that?”

He wound the curl around his finger, then lifted it to his lips, the sensuous gesture made her gasp for breath.

“Marry me.” He said, as he took out a ring from his pajamas pocket and pointed to her face. Her eyes danced with merriment. “Be my wife and I will make you the happiest woman in the world, please, be Mrs Odin.”

She smiled, her eyes widened at the glitters from the diamond ring that shimmered, it enticed her. She returned his words with a smile.

“Please, rescue me from drowning without your love my queen.” He said lightly, but waited impatiently for her answer.

“YES!” She screamed and fell into his arms. He held her fingers and placed the ring in it, then gave her a passionate kiss.

 Runs (Episode 5)

It was the best moment of her life, when she stared at the ring admiringly. She couldn’t believe that her life was about to change for the best. She was about becoming the wife of a senator, a life she’d never dreamed or imagined.

Many years ago, she would have thought her life would always be around different calibre of men, jumping from one city to the other and making small income to be able to raise her son.

“Can you give me a reason for us to delay the wedding?” He asked.

“No reasons baby, none.” She replied softly.

When he was so close to her, she could hardly remember her own name, let alone think of a reason to delay the wedding.

“My sons will be glad to hear that I have fallen in love again.” The sound of his voice went through her like a quicksilver.

She too had thought of how her own son was going to see the idea of getting married to a man who wasn’t his father. She knew she had the power to convince him, but she wasn’t sure she was going to force Ndiana to love Odin.

“My son will be glad to make you his father.” She said. He looked at her tolerantly. “I will make him a happy boy.” He said. She could almost see his heart through his eyes, and was touched by his concern for her son. She threw her arms around him and pressed her body against his, staring at her diamond ring again, “This is beautiful.” She said.

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“You’re more beautiful my queen.” He retorted. She laughed against his ear, her happiness flowing through her like fine wine.

“Mr president will be so happy to hear that I will be marrying again.” He said proudly, yet he was calm and soft with his tone. She pressed her cheek against his chest, “Everyone wanted you to find love again.” She said. He beamed up at her, “Yes, especially my sons, Owen and Noland wanted me to bring a wife so bad.”

“And where are they now?” She asked, showing interest.

“Owen is in America, Noland is in North Korea, the two boys are schooling.” He said.

“How old are they?”

“Owen is twenty, Noland is eighteen.”

She smiled brightly. He smiled back, she was the most perfect creature he had ever met, she filled his heart until it overflowed.

“Tomorrow, I will leaving for Abuja by 11:45 in the morning.” He said.

She held him firmer to herself, then whispered, “I will miss you so much.”

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“When I get to Abuja, I will make you visit my house for the first time.” He said and turned to kiss her, “I think of you all the time. So, when I don’t call, you’re always in my heart.” His words were almost like a plea, and she felt as if she had touched his soul. With a little cry, she buried her face against his chest and felt his strong arms go around her.

“I will miss you so much Odin. Because of the way I feel about you, I feel like I’m melting inside. Do you understand that?”

He breath in slowly and let his breath out before he could speak, and then his voice came out as a groan of despair, ” You’re my heart, I doubt if I can ever do without you. I realized this some months ago, that my life would be meaningless if I don’t keep you.” He turned to her, and kissed her several times. His head descended, his lips brushing through hers, he focused on her eyes.

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