RUGA For Beggars

By Ikenga Chronicles March 1, 2020

RUGA For Beggars

— By Iloh Friday Okechukwu

I have raised this issue before, I will raise it again; it is the shipment of disabled persons from Northern Nigeria to Southern Nigeria.

It is the attitude of our government to watch things get out of hand before making attempt to solve it.

For those who do not know, that was how the fourth deadliest killer group in the whole wide world, the Fulani Herdsmen started terrorising farmers, beginning in Oke Ogun, in Oyo State, Nigeria. When the state governor made to curb them, it was their headman, Buhari who went to intercede and made threat on their behalf. That was about the 1990s. Now, the Fulani Herdsmen kill at will, rove around with their cattle even into people’s bedroom!

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Nigerians have the constitutional fundamental right to live in any part of Nigeria. But this right is no licence to create problems for others. In almost all the state capitals and towns of Southern Nigeria, you would find disabled people, and sometimes able bodied people and children, supposedly theirs, begging for alms, constituting nuisance all over the place. I think these mortley of beggars are intentionally and methodically ferried to the southern part of Nigeria.

I can understand the movement of a beneficial part of a population; not that of unproductive people. Begging, the type and magnitude of Northern Nigeria, is alien to the tribes that peopled Southern Nigeria. For instance, Muslims in Southern Nigeria do not run the almanjera system, a system where children are born into preconceived stricken poverty, no education, no accommodation, etc; the adults of the almanjeri notion are the chiefest candidates for the Boko Haram Institute of terrorism.

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On the highways in Southern Nigeria, you would see these armies of beggars nestled by the roadsides like venomous snakes lying in wait for unsuspecting victims. These people may even conceal deadly weapons for criminals, as police hardly search them.

I am of the school of thought that is against begging in the society. Beggars are liabilities. Let us call a spade a spade; much poverty abound in the North, no thanks to indiscreet and indiscriminate siring of children, no provision of basic children’s needs, e.g education, infant care, etc.

At the present rate of exodus, not too long from now, we would have an army of beggars calling for their own RUGA; it is loading, yet we do not care!