REVEALED: Linda Ikeji Had An Abortion For A Married Man This Year

By Ikenga Chronicles October 22, 2017

REVEALED: Linda Ikeji Had An Abortion For A Married Man This Year

The feud between Nigeria’s prima blogger Linda Ikeji and legal icon Emeka Ugwuonye seems to be gathering steam, as Mr. Ugwuonye continues to provide startling revelations on the private life of Ms. Ikeji.

In this riveting interview with Ikenga Chronicles, at the DFW airport in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Ugwuonye tears into Ms. Ikeji and reveals that she intentionally published falsehood against him just to make money. He stated that this led him to hire private investigators to look into her life and the revelations are not appetizing at all.

For instance, it was revealed that in March of 2017, Ms. Ikeji had to engage in an abortion because she took in for a married man whom she was seeing.

Emeka Ugwuonye Vs Linda Ikeji: An Inevitable Lawsuit Against A Publisher Of Lies 

Apparently, Emeka Ugwuonye has unleashed his team of investigators on Ms. Ikeji and they are digging hard. For Emeka, he believes that motive is everything. He intends to unravel what motivated Linda Ikeji to attack him in such a brazen manner. According to him, the information they have stumbled onto concerning the personal life of Ikeji could be mind boggling, including cases of multiple abortions of pregnancies from a married man, to visits to native doctors by Linda in search of charms for a husband and business success.

Clearly, Mr. Ugwuonye is on a mission like never before. He is out to put a stop to the peddling of malicious allegations against him, which has become one way many Nigerian start-up bloggers try to attract readership.

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Apart from the lawsuit, there is every indication that there will be more. Mr. Ugwuonye is finally out to use the courts to force people to tell the truth or keep quiet. We expect to see a number of others whom he believes defamed him all in court soon.

In our encounter with him, he spoke quite pointedly on the need to save journalism in Nigeria by holding bloggers responsible for their publications. He spoke about commitment to truth and insisted that the power to broadcast to millions must come with the responsibility to always tell the truth.

Ikenga Chronicles reached out to Ms. Ikeji to hear her own side of the story, but as at press time, she is yet to respond.

Watch the full interview below.