REVEALED: How Uzodimma Plans To Loot ₦5.2Billion Gratuity Of Imo Former Governors

By Ikenga Chronicles May 22, 2020

— Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

The plots of the Supreme Court Governor of Imo State, Mr. Hope Uzodimma to fretter and loot the entitlements of former governors, former deputy governors, former IMHA Speakers and former Deputy Speakers has been uncovered.

Onlookers and those who are not in the know may be tempted to applauding the gestures without knowing the dubious, fraudulent and selfish intentions behind such promulgations.

This was made possible by the Supreme Court Governor sending an executive bill to abolish the gratuity regime for the past top officers of the state.

Imo: In Search Of The ‘Hope’ In Uzodinma

Due to the criminal intents of the promoters of the ill fated bill, the bill broke all known and unknown parliamentary procedures and was given accelerated passage by the rubber stamp Speaker – Mr. Chiji Collins who obviously was a willing tool in the hands of the Supreme Court Governor, of which he never hesitated to assent to achieve his ill self serving ends.

About ONE point THREE billion naira (₦1.3BILLION) is spent every year on these entitlements and for the four years tenure, it is about FIVE point TWO (₦5.2Billion) when summed up and that is the sole target of the Supreme Court Governor.

The law is being given the dubious colorations that it will be meant to address the unpaid 4 months workers salaries and pensions without any clause on how that will be achieved except for the blanket cheque given to the governor by the rubber stamp Speaker.

The People Erred

Imo State has been paying salaries and pensions before the advent of the Supreme Court Governor, one wonders why it will now take the entitlements of former too state public servants to address.

Imo State has equally been receiving FAAC, what is the Supreme Court Governor doing with the allocations that he couldn’t pay salaries and pensions if not for the entitlements of former governors?

The plans of the Supreme Court Governor is to embezzle the money to settle his Abuja masters and use the remaining to prosecute his re-election and towards the tail end of his first, the law will be re-established should in case he fails re-election.

Now That Diri Has Been Sworn In…

It is evil, wicked, criminal and fraudulent to corner the legitimate entitlements of those who spent their prime serving the state.

Uzodimma must be called to order now before it is too late because if he is allowed to get away with this grand fraud: we might wake up one morning to hear to the state has been sold.

May God Save IMO State.

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