Recession Hits Harder: NYSC Call Up Now By Balloting

By Ikenga Chronicles October 7, 2016

Recession Hits Harder: NYSC Call Up Now By Balloting

‘And when they had crucified him, they divided up his garment by casting lot’ -Matthew 27:35

Ok. Chill. I am not sermonising. There are already too many churches doing that. In my area alone, I have at least ten, with some having names depicting the churches as laboratories. Others are so stylishly coined that you would think you were going to a financial institution. It isn’t their fault. In Nigeria, creativity is key if you want to attract, and keep members. Not like they won’t go when a new miracle worker comes to town though. Diversity, they say, is the spice of life.

In a recession, diversity is key. At least that’s what we are told.

I hate recession. I mean, no one does, except the leaders who finally have an excuse for all failings. Even my stingy uncle has adopted this as the latest excuse. ‘Have you not heard of recession? Are you not in this country?

The government, the only people who use the word, who cannot pay salaries, who complain about everything while they get their full benefits are spreading recession to new frontiers. That’s diversity in a way, isn’t it? Well, it’s got to those going for the compulsory National Youth Service. That they get killed in some places, that people endure so much turmoil to serve a very ungrateful and nonreciprocating nation is not enough, now they will have to be picked through ballot.

You read it here first; the allocation to schools has been reduced as the Federal Government struggles to save cost. Those who will go for service from next batch will be picked through balloting.

The process, and consequences will be story for another day. For now, be sober, go to your church, tell your pastor to raise his miracle level so that you, or anyone close to you might be lucky enough to be part of the lucky pick.

— Dum Syl Aminikpo.
Mr. Aminikpo is on Twitter as @dumsyl

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