Racially Motivated Killings In Italy: The Murder Of Emmanuel(A Nigerian) by Aureliano Ferri

By Ikenga Chronicles July 11, 2016

Racially Motivated Killings In Italy: The Murder Of Emmanuel(A Nigerian) by Aureliano Ferri

Emmanuel and his pregnant “wife” (they weren’t married actually) had left Nigeria following the killing of his mother and their first son by Boko Haram.  As they crossed the desert to reach Libya, they were physically attacked by a trafficker and so she lost her baby.

When they managed to reach Italy, unfortunately for them, they were identified as illegal immigrants. Consequently, due to Europeans laws, they were forced to stay in Italy and apply for asylum or protection here, while being prevented from going to any other EU country.

Finally, they were sent to Fermo, in the Marche region, near my town, where the diocese lodged them along with other refugees.  On the 6th of July, as they were having a walk together, a man, Amedeo Mancini (39), a known fascist and football hooligan, told Emmanuel that his wife was “a monkey”.

It seems that Emmanuel reacted verbally to the insult. As a result, a struggle followed in which Emmanuel got a punch, fell on the ground hitting his head and died soon afterwards at the local hospital. The Italian thug was taken into custody and then arrested.

As a result of this event, a big wave of rage for this racially motivated killing swept Italy. Although a witness came out supporting the offender’s version that Emmanuel attacked first and the Italian only defended himself, but since the witness was a notorious mythomaniac, Mancini remained in jail.

There is a strange climate in Italy regarding immigration and refugees, especially for those coming from Africa. The fall of the regime of Gaddafi in Libya opened the gates for traffickers to easily convey people to Europe. The first European shore that these refugees meet is Italy. Even though most of the migrants want to reach other countries, such as France, Germany or UK, a part of them remain trapped here in the bureaucracy of the EU and Italian laws combined.

Some forces want to exploit this phenomenon by creating an army of unemployed or underemployed people in an effort to lower wages and this has created a lot of discontent among a crisis-stricken population (even though the number of immigrants here is much lower than other EU countries). Italy is facing its direst economic crisis in the post-WWII era and some political forces (rightwing, populists and some overtly fascists) blow on the fire of discontent just to have more consensus, often blaming “irregular immigration” for many problems.

Emmanuel, unfortunately, met one of these brainwashed people. The sad thing is that there are more and more people like that and we can say Italy is becoming a racist country even if a great number of people (and I am one of them) still believe Italy should help migrants.

What is needed, according to me, is a top-down, comprehensive approach to the matter: in the meantime we could change the EU rules on the matter by distributing migrants into the various European countries.

As a long term solution, it would be good if Italy and the EU implement a comprehensive aid strategy in Africa, supporting the government of Libya and investing massive resources for the development of Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Congo and other countries (please search for the TRANSAQUA project just for example) for the purpose of coopertion and not for exploitation.


*Aureliano Ferri tweets from @AurelianoFerri. Edited by Alberta Irimagha


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