PROTEST: Buhari In Face To Face With 2Face — Vitus Ozoke

By Ikenga Chronicles February 2, 2017

I’m afraid Buhari and his handlers are about to create another Nnamdi Kanu. What is all this noise about not allowing 2Face Idibia to lead a protest in Lagos?

When will African leaders recognize that protest is a protected human right? Protest is a negotiation tactic employed by the masses in their political engagement with their government. People go on protest when they believe their conditions are hopeless and they cannot get their government’s attention otherwise.

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A government that cracks down on peaceful protests is an irresponsible government. It is impeachable. And it is the clearest evidence of a government that does not feel secure in its policies and performance.

When government engages in suppressive and oppressive tactics, it unwittingly canonizes ordinary folks. I don’t remember ever hearing the name 2Face Idibia, but now I’m writing about him. I’m writing about him because the Buhari government is persecuting him for engaging in the political process.

What will be next, arrest 2Face and throw him in jail? And make him a hero? If people discover that the shortest path to fame is being jailed by a government that feels very insecure in its own skin, more and more people will embrace protest and go to jail. The last mistake Buhari and his handlers don’t want to make is to create an atmosphere where being jailed by government for protest is seen as a badge of honor.

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Allow 2Face Idibia to lead his protest. Deploy police, fire service, and medical team to ensure order and safety of the protesters. Buhari government not only must allow the protest to hold, it has an obligation to ensure the safety of the protesters. Nnamdi Kanu is enough headache for the government as it is, adding 2Face Idibia is a frontal migraine. Not smart.

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