The Prison Warden’s Love Life

By Ikenga Chronicles January 11, 2018

The Prison Warden’s Love Life

— Beloved Moses

The Prisoner’s Letter

Sixteen years is not child’s play, that’s how long I’ve been in prison. Being sentenced to life imprisonment should be the worse thing a man should ever wish for, but without those sixteen years, I would have never been able to make meaning out of my life. I would still be a petty thief trying to pick an ignorant man’s pocket. If only the security camera had proof of my innocence! I was not guilty of picking the man’s pocket, I was only guilty of picking the dollar roll hidden deep in the big man’s Versace suit. I’m glad of being charged guilty for the crime I didn’t not commit, because it had led to me committing a greater crime–the crime of love.

Her blue eyes were like the sky wiping off it’s tears when the rainbow glitters. I would get lost in those eyes never to be found again. Six and a half years it took me to tell her that she was the moon to my stars. Eight more it took for us to replicate those eyes, adding to the world population. And it took just one day for it to come down crashing on my head.

My fellow prisoners had picked the wrong day to start a riot. They had just decided to worsen my situation. If I had only listened to Becky when she told me to embrace patience.

” Wait a day longer, ” she said.

But it wasn’t my fault for wanting my daughter to be there when I finally got released. But still, it wouldn’t hurt if I had waited just one day. Just now did I understand her reason for not wanting Priscillia to see her father for the first time.

My ten and a half year old relationship and my two year old Priscillia had been caught in the middle of a ‘Prisoner vs Warden’ riot and they did not survive; their bodies were never found. The only way I could live with my freedom was to give it back to death and this rope hanging down from the ceiling is my only way to do that.

Robert McGuire.


The Prison Warden’s Pain.

I searched for the man I have always been a guard to for fourteen years. If only he knew that I wasn’t allowed to go into the prison with Priscillia. If only he knew that the riot had already begun by the time I got to the prison gate and I was referred back home.

I read his letter and I wished he only looked for me longer. If he had just held on because of his daughter. I got back to the prison the next day and I was told that he had been released immediately after the riot, I tried to look for him I did know where he could have gone.

I met him in prison, fell in love with him in prison, had his child for him in prison until I was relieved of my job for having an affair with a convict.

What will I tell Priscillia happened to her father? I had promised her that we would celebrate her second year birthday as a family. What would happen when she’s old enough to have confidential father and daughter talks?

Who would build a tree house for her? Who would spy on her boyfriend for her? Who would walk her down the aisle? I regret that you couldn’t wait longer Robert, but I do not regret loving you, and I do not regret having your child.

Becky Kaspara