Politics Creates Corruption!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 23, 2020

Politics Creates Corruption!

Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

I want everyone to read this message with an open mind and to understand the basic fact, that partaking in any political election and have the aspirations of being an elected president, is a very corrupt endeavour.

First fact
The party is expected to fund the campaign cost for the presidential candidate and if the party has no funds, the candidate may rely on friends and family members, unless the party has the support of third parties like companies or other institutes.

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Please see below the list of sponsors who funded the former President Obama.

President-Elect Obama sponsorship funds
TOP INDUSTRIES 1999 – 2018


Lawyers/Law Firms

University of California

Harvard University
Select cycle:
Campaign Committee Fundraising, 1999 – 2018 LAST REPORT: 12/31/2012

Cash on hand:


Top Contributors, 1999 – 2018
Contributor Total Individuals PACs
University of California $3,697,062
Harvard University $1,719,131
Microsoft Corp $1,714,486
Google Inc $1,648,487
US Government $1,465,729

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Top Industries, 1999 – 2018
Industry Total Individuals PACs

Education $54,060,253
Securities & Investment $28,014,252 = $27,975,002 and $39,250

Health Professionals $27,829,699 =
$27,767,688 and $62,011

Total Raised by Barack Obama – CampaignCommittee

In 2015, I was a presidential candidate and l was told by the party chairman, that my party l founded, RPN that later merged with the AD party, CAN CONFIRM that the campaign fund normally, granted for parties partaking in the election, 350,000,000 naira had been cancelled by the most clueless rogue president Jonathan Badluck! They further advised that l was on my own and the party had no money to help me with my campaign cost.

The party committee worked out the projected cost for my campaign, including estimates for transportation, accommodations, salaries, feeding, halls for the campaign, 14 national newspaper advertisement ordered by INEC and also, bribe of 10,000,000 naira per oba, emir or obi (Igwe)!

The total estimate came up to 988,900,786 Naira!

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This was outside the cost of buying buses and cars for the campaign team and regional representatives at various locations on the route from Lagos to Maiduguri!

Essentially, l must have a pocket load of money reckoned to be about 2,000,000,000 naira and l may only cover 18 states out of 36 states outlined since the capital is the most important for full coverage, makes it 37 states!

The individual has to make promises for all those friends and family who made contributions or sponsor your campaign.

One example was Dr Fayemi former governor of Ekiti state, former minister and again current governor of Ekiti state! This man confessed to the fact that he made his friends, who gave him funds, commissioner posts in the state. Why?

They have to recover their money, they gave him! Tell me, how could he make these people honestly, perform in office? They are there purely to recover their money! They are most likely given budgetary allocations to recover their funds given as loans to the governor! Visit Ekiti state and they are still in the 18TH century! The only edifice worth considering, are the two secretariats and governors houses since these rogues built a new Governor’s house each time elected. You know why? Inflated contracts to loot! Former governor Fayose of Ekiti state accused current Governor of Ekiti state of buying a 500,000 naira bed for his wife, for the new governor’s house! I hope it has 50 years warranty !

All the commissioners that were appointed because of the campaign sponsorship were incompetent executives that achieved nothing but simply got fat wallets before going back to whence they came from, the US!

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This is part of the evil of political sponsorship!

So, l was so worried, l called the chairman to ask him, that what happened to the Bunmi supermarket owner in London, who spent millions in Oyo state elections’ primaries, which gave her hopes, that she would be a senatorial candidate and twice she was denied and it was given on two occasions, to other primaries’ candidates, could also, happen to me and it was so devastating, she died weeks later, after the second disappointment!

He reassured me, it will never happened!

I was still worried spending 2 billion naira in an election and after a very bad election, l could be left broke and destroyed!

The chairman told me, there is a gentleman’s agreement that those who lost at the presidential election, can still be made ministers!

So, I approached multinational companies and two invited me to their offices, to ask me, if l can assure them, an inroad into Nigerian Market, they could given me millions, provided they would profit from their investments in my winning the election.

So, you cannot get financial support without corrupt promissory notes! One was definitely, possible because the industry is pharmaceutical and they could get into the market but getting them licences would be personal involvement with the ministries’ staff, which could be implicating!

The second was to build an hospice and again, l could see no problem because the health sector in Nigeria, is in shambles! However, getting land in Lagos is extremely difficult and involves corruption because some acquisitions could involve 10 families making claim to one piece of land!

Now these promises could spell ones doom or assassination, if you did not win or failed to get the licences they want to recover their campaign funds, they gave me, like a loan agreement!


President BUHARI for the first election was sponsored by many people, governors and military billionaires and many were compensated by various means! He even made a promise to TINUBU that he would implement the TINUBU scam tax scheme, which he has continued to use, to loot the Lagos state government!

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Politics is full of corruption!

Many of these American Presidents, l am sure most likely, may even create wars for arms producers to sell more guns and war hardwares!

Trump got to office and kept on destroying the Obama care reform because the health insurance companies owned by the republicans, hated the noble idea of providing equatable health care program for the poor and the rich! This is because it would affect their billion dollars industry! So, President Trump spent days and hours with his executives to reverse the Obama health care policy, former president Obama introduced!

Stop thinking these politicians are interested in you because they have commitments, they must accomplish!

You do not count!

Politics is dirty!

Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan
Founder the reform party of Nigeria