Political Party As A Vehicle For Attaining Political Consciousness, Political Positions And Development: Resignation Of The Imo State PDP Chairman, Chief Charles Babatunde Ezekwem, Matters Arising

By Ikenga Chronicles January 29, 2020

Political Party As A Vehicle For Attaining Political Consciousness, Political Positions And Development: Resignation Of The Imo State PDP Chairman, Chief Charles Babatunde Ezekwem, Matters Arising

— By Ike Athanasius O

Political party in a simple parlance is “an organized group of people or bodies who seek to capture political power through an election in order to run the affairs of a state or country, it often puts forward candidates for public offices. It’s “a group of people who share same political ideaology and work concertedly towards winning an election thereby controlling the levers of government with a view to developing the state or country”. The central themes in these definitions are “ideaology” and “development”.

Political party is rooted in ideaology, the common thread that knit members together is the common ideaology they share which is the basic and common denominator that drives the party, the fulcrum on which the party hinges and an irreducible minimum. In a diverse and competitive environment, political parties aggregates diverse interests, coalescing and directing them towards a common shared political beliefs system and ideaology, it’s this ideaology that stands them out, hence it is from this ideaology that party manifestoes are derived, which gives the party a sense of direction, purpose and development. Hence politics is termed ” a game of interests” interests laced in pursuit of a common ideaology.

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Political parties in their quest for power during campaign for an election and after has at the Apex of it’s structure the party chairman at the federal, state and local levels. The chairman stabilizes and gives the party direction, the chairman is an even keel on which the party revolves, the custodian and father of the party, the chairman reifies the party and synergizes every effort towards the ultimate goal of winning elections, capturing governmental power and putting candidates forward to man political offices with a view to implementing party programs, manifestoes and developmental policies, hence, political parties are “means to an end and not end in themselves”. The chairman is the oil that lubricates the engine of the party machinery towards the achievement of these party objectives.

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Given this brief overview of party structure, processes, Dynamics and democratic tenets, one sympathizes and identifies with the past PDP chairman of Imo state, Chief Charles BABATUNDE Ezekwem over the claims he made against the party hierarchy that led to his resignation – claims of conspiracy and surreptitious moves to remove and disgrace him out of office, underminding his powers and authority as the Apex leader, not being properly informed of important party decisions and having a say in allocation of offices and positions in government to being totally treated like a stranger in the scheme of things in a party he engineered from the status of weak opposition, to major opposition and to the position of attaining governmental power.

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One justifies his action if the claims are validated, on the ground that “no emperor presides over the liquidation of his empire” and exclusion from power means exclusion from the benefits of Power”. His redeeming action to salvage and reinvent his political career and integrity that was dangerously hanging on a cliff and about to take a dip is commendable and rational given the Dynamics of power play.

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Critics will argue, why at this time? The substance of argument is not about the “timing”but on the “validity of his claims which are yet to be refuted by the PDP hierarchy. His claims shows that the PDP hierarchy in Imo state went to the extreme in their war of attrition and this is a dangerous precedence that will pricipitate the eventual disintegration of the party coming on the heels of his resignation. The fact that he supported a different candidate during the party primaries is one of the ingredients of party politics and democracy and should not be seen as his albatross and ground to witch Hunt him. Democracy is all about shades of opinion, diverse and competitive.

Conclusively, political parties and governance should be seen as a vehicle to attaining development and common good not pursiut of parochial interests, self agrandisement and primitive capitalist accumulation and gratification of prebends and sycophants, it’s rooted in the achievement of over all happiness, common wealth and common good. Emphasis should not be placed on party or party membership, but on development and delivery of democratic dividends. Practices and quest for Power should not be zero sum, it Should be accommodating and inclusive of diverse interests and opinion. This is my humble and objective submission.

Ike Athanasius O.
Administrator, Business and Political Consultant/Analyst.