Political Parties’ Primaries And Their Drama

By Ikenga Chronicles October 13, 2018

Political Parties’ Primaries And Their Drama

—Chinyere Akataobi

My friend Peter Adeshina called me on Wednesday morning. “I can’t keep up!” He screamed into my ear, “I don’t know who won and who didn’t”, obviously referring to the party primaries conducted nation-wide in the past week.

Across the nation democratic parties conducted undemocratic primaries and a process that should peacefully be free for all turned into a fight that was free for all.

Now all we are left with are threats and counter-threats, potential lawsuits from the primaries would see lawyers square up in court and smile to the bank for the next two years.
Our politics is bad and the ways of our politicians can never be understood.

In the APC primaries in Imo there was pandemonium everywhere, everyone who contested had won and no one had lost. Democratic monarchy or nothing! Okorocha kept telling anyone who cared to listen.

Down the street in APGA, Frank Nneji was out in the cold crying blue murder at being duped. He was the pundits shoo-in favourite to get the ticket before Senator Araraume got into the party and he didn’t get in alone, running fast after him was his cheque book and boy he knows how to use it.It was only a matter of time before the pragmatic billionaire found himself out in the street waving placards like a seasoned activist.

In Zamfara the winner was not the winner as Adams Oshiomole called out an alien name to the horror of the governor, a robbery took place and unashamedly in broad daylight and Oshiomole and Yari proceeded to exchange verbal blows like children dragging a coveted toy, a classic case of those who should know better turning our peculiar democracy on its head.

In a PDP house of reps primaries in Abia a seasoned lawyer was in the lead and thugs came in and disrupted the process, so the election had to be done at a later date.A wise party man has since whispered to me that the thugs were neutral thugs.

Thirty minutes away the current speaker was sweating profusely as he stared defeat in the face. He was losing but he had to win, so they made him win throwing away shame to the wind.

As I am typing this the primaries conducted in Abia south senatorial zone by the APC still do not have a winner, it is said that 2000 votes are harder to count than the 14million counted for the president.

An inquest should be done into how much aspirants spend on a process that is hardly ever fair and why umpires turn themselves into players.

All that has been witnessed is a picture of what next year may end up looking like and the confusion that may arise from a process managed by incompetent and fraudulent hands.

For now though we will watch the interviews, read the facebook posts and tweets as we observe the maddening political landscape.

Ah yes Kwankwaso’s apology to Jonathan and Obasanjo’s support for Atiku prove one constant thing, change is possible. One just has to live long enough to witness it.

*Akataobi is on Twitter as @Prolific_jackk