POLIFICTION: The Re-Trial Of Brother Willy

By Ikenga Chronicles March 9, 2016

This week on Polifiction, Wilfred Pepple is our guest! Here, he fictionally discusses the reason behind President Goodluck Jonathan’s “Famous Call”. Enjoy it! –N.O


Pray! Brother Willy, Pray!!

Pray against your foes both within and external!! Against the powers that seek to unseat you! Against the terrorist raping, killing and maiming innocent people of our republic! Pray against he who roars at the top of his voice, down the southern-most part of the south; “our oil wells, our monies! Say no to Sovereign savings(we have not even saved enough to grow grasses).” Pray! Willy, Pray!

So I began deep-soul searching for answers to the myriad problems that bedevil the Republic. I sought answers in the sanctuaries–with renowned “MEN of GOD”. They were lacking is wisdom. So straight to the Holy land I sojourned out of fear of being too far from the right source. In my deepest reflection I heard a voice call out to me saying “Nobody’s blood is worth any ambition”

Eureka finally! A word from the all-seeing and all-knowing ONE. I felt my peace restored and was determined to run with this revelation.

The atmosphere was very calm as I alighted from the flight. Warm greetings from those who came to welcome me kayoed by a quick glimpse of the dailies and the realisation that the Guinness Book of Records had awarded me the most insulted leader of the Republic.

I bowed my head in anguish. “Clueless”, “useless” and “lazy” were the adjectives used to describe me simply because I sought the intervention of the Almighty in the affairs of the Republic. As the rage built up I remembered the words I heard in my deep reflection and I was calm again.

As I set about the business of the Republic the bombers and arsonist had increased their effort in bringing the Republic to its knees. So I sought to form a formidable coalition with neighbouring states to combat this menace as they were having their share of these dastardly acts.

Yet again I was crucified by these Republicans who had on the tabloid cried “how art the Mighty fallen” resorting to begging the neighbours to come to our succour. I became puzzled and it dawned on me that man indeed is insatiable. In my perplexed state I carried on.

*Barrister Wilfred Pepple Esq. is a lawyer, and sent in this piece from Port Harcourt.

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