Plot To Set Kidnap Kingpin Free Unraveled

By Ikenga Chronicles July 3, 2017

Plot To Set Kidnap Kingpin Free Unraveled

The Nigerian Police recently made a giant stride that was hailed by all when they arrested one of the most notorious kidnap kingpins in the country Evans.

Evans is responsible for several high profile  kidnappings in the country and has collected millions in dollars as ransom from his victims. He is dubbed a Billionaire Kidnapper with exotic property home and abroad.

The kidnap lord has confessed to most of the crimes, helped Police in their investigations and has pleaded guilty even before cameras.

While most Nigerians, especially his victims hope to see his conviction as justice at last, investigations reveal a plot by some powers that be to make sure that Evans goes scot free.

Since the Police had declared Evans wanted even before his arrest and had much indicting evidence against him, one would have expected that his arraignment would be immediate. But even if they hadn’t any evidence against him, he has confessed his guilt and provided damning proof of his guilt since his arrest weeks ago.

One thus begins to wonder why the Police have not been able to charge this self confessed criminal who has caused untold hardship and extreme pain to so many families across the country to court up to this time.

The plot unraveled is to make sure that illegality is brought to play by the Police Force. The illegality is to border on the human rights of the notorious kidnap kingpin, such that he would sue the Force and walk away free.

Already, the script is already playing out. Evans has sued the force for violation of his human rights by detaining him for weeks without charging him to court. He is demanding N300 million naira damages.

The police is holding him longer than the twenty four or forty eight hours as provided by the law. The police has also failed to obtain a court injunction to hold him longer to enable them carry out whatever investigation they may wish to.

The Lagos state criminal justice system provides that a court can order a suspected criminal to be held in custody for thirty days without charging him to court.

Armed with this knowledge, the Nigerian Police went ahead to say they have applied for a court order to hold Evans for three months. Where this provision is derived remains a mystery. But could this be a deliberate mistake on the part of the Police to make sure there are enough loopholes in his case to let him go free?

It is also alleged that his statement where he indicated some top persons in the country was smuggled out of police station. The police reacted that no arrest would be made until the completion of investigation, stirring the allegations that the Force is just trying to give them enough room to escape arrest.

The question is why would the authorities want such a notorious criminal to walk away free, or worse still, with N300 million of tax payers money?

The answer is not far fetched. It is a general belief that some people in power are top beneficiaries of organized crimes. Evans, in his confession, had indicated that some people in authority support his operations in no small measures.

How far up the ladder of authority this goes is anyone’s guess. What is clear now is that, those in authority who are beneficiaries of his criminality would rather have him go scot free, with a pat on his back and a little push to do even better subsequently, irrespective of how Nigerians feel, rather than have their little cache of secrets unlocked.

In a country where people have been in prison for several years awaiting trial or for stealing a mobile phone, it is unthinkable that such a notorious criminal would be allowed to walk away free.

This would drastically destroy public confidence in the security establishment and would only spur Nigerians to seek self justice by taking laws into their own hands.

Nigeria has not degenerated to a lawless country and so there can be no room for outlaws in the country. People must be made to pay for their crimes. Evans must be made to face the law to its fullest. The families of victims and the victims of Evans’ heinous crimes must get justice.

Nigerians must rise to the occasion. Government sanctioned criminality must be fought against. Nigerians are watching with keen interest to see how this plays out. If Evans goes free, it could lead to unpleasant agitations that are certainly unhealthy for the country, especially at this time.