Plea To The Corrupt Senate And House Of Representatives, To Save Nigeria From Social Malice Of Police Corruption!

By Ikenga Chronicles March 28, 2020

Plea To The Corrupt Senate And House Of Representatives, To Save Nigeria From Social Malice Of Police Corruption!

— By Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

The crime ridden Nigeria with the most incompetent inspector of police

The Inspector General of Police, is the head of the Nigeria Police Force. He is the most senior officer in the police service is Mohammed Adamu.

As there is an incredible tribal imposition of the northerners on the entire administration, with a president who is a jihadist, it comes as no surprise to the level of police incompetence.

For over 60 years, the police are never on our street carrying out, foot patrol because they are desk bound fools! Crimes are committed daily on our street with no police officer in sight!

Two university graduates were killed in broad daylight because someone shouted ‘thief’ and the while killing and burning to death of these graduates, took 2 hours and there was no police in sight to save these graduates from jungle justice.

Justice And The Sanctity And Dignity Of The Law And Court

Our police are smuggled out to Arab countries as slaves and no police intelligence to stop the crime while those smuggled to Saudi Arabia are murdered and not even the doped Ambassador or police are aware.

A plane load of children of about 300 children was stopped in Niger and were children from african countries including Nigeria and two of the crying children spoke yoruba calling for their mothers.

Despite this horrendous crimes against humanity, we were bamboozled that the IG was so competent he has a degree in Geography and had served with the International police! He was actually, abroad when he served in the Interpol!

He hails from Lafia, Nasarawa State and is a holder of Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Geography in 1983 from the famous and prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

What an accolade but crap in active use of his intellectual capacity because we have more unsolved crimes than ever before.

The country was so fed up with the trashy policing that they invited the US police to Nigeria to train the police.

Buhari Loves Cows More Than He Loves Nigerians

From inside information source, the US police were paid millions of dollars for what they call “jingle jungle holiday to play with dummies”!

The whole exercise was in futility because of the massive difference between the two cultures in policing.

The American police use car patrol, they are armed with service pistols, they know the law and their method of enforcement is extremely, brutal!

A free holiday with all expenses paid because the Nigerian police officers to be trained carry rifles and machine guns that are outdated and ineffective when you consider the fact that the kidnappers and armed robbers carry AK47, which are long range weapons of mass destruction!

No aerial cover, no telephone connection to the base or headquarters hence once out on patrol, you are on your own!

A case In hand was, that of an inspector of police officer who chased some bandits that had robbed a bank in Ado Ekiti, they raced after these bandits and about 30 minutes after the chase started, the well armed robbers stopped and starting firing at the police!

The police officer had 4 police junior officers with him and while he stood his grounds, the 4 other officers abandoned ship and ran into the forest!

Few minutes later, everything went quite, the bandits had left and the police inspector had been killed!

The Man Who Sat On The Tor Tiv’s Throne– Reuben Abati

The police force is so incompetent, they are nothing but a waste of public revenue because the leadership is nothing but complete dereliction of duty!

The government budgeted billions annually and the allocated billions are looted and the highest expenses vehicle acquisition and maintenance, are nothing but looted funds.

Former IG Arase’s house was found to have over 200 expensive vehicles in his compound acquired by the police for police use but were abandoned to rot, in his backyard!

The US police training corp were equally surprised that the Nigeria police do not caution arrested criminals about their legal rights and they book even book children without their custodians!

They found our police officers not only incompetent but badly equipped to do any sensible policing!

When under attack, these police officers have no means of communicating to ask for reinforcements or aerial cover!

Senate Moves To Investigate Murder Of NYSC Member By Police Officer

Their reports were completely and utterly disgraceful because most are illiterates!

This current IG, enlisted in the Force on February 1, 1986 as Cadet Assistant Inspector and had attended several Senior Officer Courses on Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, Control and Management within and outside Nigeria.

Tell me, what change has he brought?

Nothing but stupidity!

He had recruitment of about 450 police officers but 80% were to be allocated to mundane duties of protecting the politicians, Governors and deputy governors, judges, security buildings like the central banks and other silly institutions!

The people are not protected on the streets or highways ! What type of policing is this?

They paid millions of dollars to the US police but 25% was looted for self enrichment.

The propaganda stated that he brought into the office 33 years of unbroken record of service experience gained from both here in Nigeria and at the Interpol Headquarters at Lyon, France where he spent more than a decade representing Nigeria. His Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume, professional dexterity and performances and impeccable character easily convinced Mr. President that he is the right person to wear the Cap of the 20th IGP.

With this accolade of crap, used by an illiterate president, what do you expect?

Let the dumb president tell us, what common sense dictate that since he studied Geography and all these crimes are committed on our highways, where do we need most protection?

‘Just Do Good’: A June 12 Story-Reuben Abati

Intelligence tells us, when you do stupid things, intelligent people can only prove their superior intellectual capacity by avoiding the same mistake!

The previous IGs prefer illiterate police officers because they are the caliber of police officers who would in uniform collect bribe at their illegal check points! The armed robbers know where the check points are and simply avoid these check points and nothing has ever been achieved by these check points but billions of bribe paid by the public to keep the oga at the top happy!

So, how intelligent is the IG?

He has brought no change with his stupid accreditation but more nightmares and incompetence!

We are the laughing stock of criminality and police enforcement!

There are hundreds of children and other juveniles locked up because their parents could not pay the bribe for their release. Many went blind because of the incarceration.

What a rotten world!

However, the illiterate president knows nothing about logic but just business as usual since he has no interest in the people but simply, in looting!

  • Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan The founder of the reform party of Nigeria