Planet 50-50 Is Only Possible If We End Violence Against Women And Girls”– Rivers OBSTEC

By Ikenga Chronicles March 9, 2016

Planet 50-50 Is Only Possible If We End Violence Against Women And Girls”– Rivers OBSTEC



The Rivers State Observatory Steering Committee on Violence Against Women and Girls has called for in-depth sensitization in the fight on Violence Against Women and Girls. The Observatory, which is convened by the Rivers State Chapter of the Medical Women’s Association, stated this through its Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Dr. Vetty Agala. Dr. Agala who was part of the International Women’s Day, 2016 celebration, organized in conjunction with the Rivers State Ministry of Women Affairs pointed out that there is no way that a 50-50 planet can be attained when women are globally battling with the menace of violence against them;

“The abused woman loses the desire to aspire for greatness. I mean, you cannot expect that a woman who has been psychologically, sexually, or even culturally debased to have any reason to believe that she can be on equal footing with men. The outcome of abuse is that the woman folds up and crawls into obscurity. So the natural first step should be to fight Violence Against Women and Girls. That is what the Rivers OBSTEC has been doing in over one year now”

The Rivers State Observatory Steering Committee has in less than a year and half of its existence recorded successes in sensitizing women from different communities in the state, and has even occasioned a great synergy between the government, other Civil Society Organizations, health institutions, and the ordinary people of Rivers State, thus greatly reducing the effects of Violence Against Women and Girls in the state.


(Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016 at the Sharks Football Club Stadium, Port Harcourt)

Dr. Agala stated that the only way forward for women in the world is for policies, and other governmental actions to first tackle cases of Violence Against Women and Girls. “It is only when our women are safe from violence that we can begin to take an effective step towards Gender parity”

Dr Vetty Agala also pointed out that some of the conditions in places like Rivers State make it impossible for women to even strive to overcome or speak out against violence. According to her;

“One of the biggest challenges we face is the fact that the survivors we try to help have to go back to the same social setting where the violation took place. If for instance the women had a physical safe place to stay in while their cases are handled ,it would be easier for them to speak out and allow us to fight for them. But when there is no where for them to be sheltered in, and their economic status is dire, the whole struggle becomes senseless. I hope that the Nigerian and Rivers State government, plus the international community will begin to pay attention to these issues and help break the culture of silence. As a women’s rights organisation, we and our allies have been fighting for a physical safe space for survivors to no avail. You must also remember that most of these women are poor, therefore, they need serious economic empowerment” Dr. Agala concluded



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