Perish The Thought And Fear About Truncating Zoning In Okigwe North Federal Constitution In 2023

By Ikenga Chronicles December 8, 2019

Perish The Thought And Fear About Truncating Zoning In Okigwe North Federal Constitution In 2023

–Nnamdi Obiaraeri

Politics is a roguish business. Hence, all manner of emotions and sentimental commotion are played up in politics to score cheap points or win votes in an election.

Politicians like to carry coal to Newcastle. They like to sell a dummy that will not fly and make it look like a real drone.

In the oncoming January 2020 rerun election in Okigwe North Federal Constituency (made up of Okigwe, Onuimo and Isiala Mbano LGAs), the TRUMP CARD is and remains performance on the job and service delivery.

Two question are on the lips of every voter in that January 2020 rerun election.

The first is, which of the candidates can deliver the much needed national visibility of the underrepresented Okigwe Federal Constituency in the Green Chamber?

The second is who can attract or influence the badly required constituency projects, economic empowerment and employment opportunities for constituents?

Just who and how irrespective of political party are the major issues.

The least question and concern in that soon to be held election is not zoning or whether rotation of the office to another Local Government Area will be truncated thereafter.

Granted that some lazy politicians are trying hard to make this inconsequential issue a selling point but we say clearly that they should perish that ill-digested and illogical point.

History cannot be compromised as representation in Okigwe North Federal Constituency has a chequered history and fortunately most active players are still alive and kicking.

In Okigwe North Federal Constituency, the unwritten rule that has become a convention is that representation had rotated between the three constituent LGAs of Okigwe North Federal Constituency- Onuimo, Okigwe and Isiala Mbano.

The office has been in Isiala Mbano LGA in the last four years beginning from 2015 when Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri was elected.

Presently, all the candidates on the ballot in the January 2020 rerun are from Isiala LGA. This is in sync with the unwritten zoning arrangement in the Okigwe North Federal Constituency.

By 2023, irrespective of who wins the January 2020 rerun, Isiala Mbano would have completed their second term in the House of Representatives and the seat will move out from there to the next Local Government.

Against the foregoing, Okigwe North will definitely go for the best amongst the present contenders in the January 2020 rerun election irrespective of political party and or whether he or she is going to be a first timer or ranking member.

The fear of anyone of these candidates from Isiala who wins the January 2020 rerun election not handing over in 2023 to the next Local Government in the Federal Constituency does not arise.

Even for purposes of argument, It is not impossible that even if the former Rep Member Hon Onwubuariri is elected in the January 2020 rerun, he may also present himself for a third term in 2023.

History bears this permutation out. Politicians like to obey mutual agreements more in breach than observance. You can quote me on this!

When Hon Ohia was elected to complete the second tenure of late Hon Maurice Ibekwe in the House of Representatives for the 2003- 2007 epoch as both of them were from Onuimo LGA, Hon Ohia served out the said term and still presented himself for re-election in what would have amounted to a third term for Onuimo LGA. That ambition hit brick wall. That is history but neophytes may not know.

Ditto for the not too distant effort of Hon Omagara of Okigwe LGA to take a third term shot at the House of Representatives in 2015 after serving two terms of eight years from 2007- 2015. Hon Omagara did not win in that third term outing as Hon Onwuabuariri, then a first timer, of Isiala Mbano was voted courtesy of ALMIGHTY zoning formula in Okigwe North Federal Constituency.

Conclusively therefore, the question of who will handover or not handover to the next Local Government after Isiala Mbano two terms ending in 2023 does not arise in the January 2020 rerun election in Okigwe North Federal Constituency.

Merit, capacity and capability are the deciding factors.

Based on the above tripod criteria, will Hon Obinna Onwubuariri of PDP get a second chance or will any one of his main challengers being Princess Miriam Onuoha of APC or Hon Whiteman Simeon Iwunze of AA cause a major upset?

Don’t read my lips!

Although that is my Federal Constituency, only Okigwe North Federal Constituency voters will decide, if INEC go greeoo with their mago mago tendencies in conducting elections in Okigwe Zone.

A new normal is possible… Biko gwazie ndi yard unu inugo inugo!

  • Prof Obiaraeri is my name