Perilous Times In Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles December 24, 2019

Perilous Times In Nigeria

–Brady Chijioke Nwosu

What we have is a weak and weakened federal government with a ruling party in huge internal crisis. This is very dangerous and not good for our democracy. The pressures locally and from Washington DC have been enormous. Years ago we could have heard martial music. President Buhari is not in charge of his regime. These are perilous times for Nigeria. The President cannot give what he does not have. Baba with other patriotic Nigerians must now step up to halt the wreckage of the ship of state.

Bello, Dino, & the Role of Hunger

The Shiitte group will demand the release of their leader and his wife together with hundreds of their members in jail. The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) will step up their activities. There was an attack on the home of former President Goodluck Jonathan in Otuoke early this morning. It is still not clear which group carried out this attack.

Hanan Buhari and Unprecedented Abuse of Presidential Powers

Boko Haram hit Yobe State two days ago in a very daring move. In the midst of all these, Fulani jihadists are flooding Nigeria from all over West Africa and beyond. The economy is bottom up and cannot take these strains.

One of the US aircraft carriers is on the way to a location on the international waters in the Atlantic Ocean close to the Nigerian waters. The British amphibious Special operation unit is about to be deployed to international waters overlooking Nigeria in the Atlantic.

Dangote Refinery: The Conspiracy That Will Most Likely Bankrupt Nigeria

The pervading political and security instability in the system will get worse from my estimation. We continue to watch the unfolding situation with keen interest.