Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 9)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 10, 2018

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 9)

–Vicky Bon

Nothing but the eerie silence had preceded her mother’s arrival.

“God is faithful my daughter, he blessed you with such a generous and good husband. Look what he gave to me,” Oto’s mother said as she removed bundles of money and showed to Oto.

She’d visited Oto and Omodot on a weekend, and as she was set to leave on a Monday morning, Omodot had given her money before he left for work.

“You should be pregnant by now. What are you waiting for?” Her mother asked anxiously. Oto forced a cool smile. “Nothing matters to me anymore.” she replied.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 4)

“God forbid! Don’t say that, don’t let what happened to me happen to you. I had just you and I couldn’t conceive again. I need plenty grandchildren.”

“I am not bothered about that. you will never understand.” She said ruefully.

Her mother held up her hand in silence when she saw bitterness in her eyes. “Is everything fine? You don’t sound alright.”

“I am fine.” She said weakly and stood to her feet, “I need some sleep, I am going to bed now. Close the door when you leave mama.” She walked away, leaving her mother in deep thoughts.

Her mother had gone back home, telling everyone of how her son inlaw spoilt her with lots of money.

A month had passed since her mother left, and the hot romantic love between Oto and Omodot had been soft and sensual.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 7)

She closed her eyes against the horror part of him, and loved him even more than she’d thought.

Of all the women Omodot had married in previous years, Oto held his heart. He couldn’t believe he was ever going to fall in love with anyone.

They lay on their backs in the grass, after a long run around the compound. Oto gasping for breath. “I shouldn’t have run that much.” She said breathing heavily.

“Why? Exercise is good for you.” Omodot retorted.

“Not now. I don’t need that kind of exercise now.” she said softly.

“Are you okay?” Omodot asked soothingly.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 1)

“Yes. I am pregnant.” She said.

Omodot looked uncertainly at her, “What?” He asked, looking surprised.

Oto looked at his face, she didn’t know if he was excited about the news or not.

Omodot sat up immediately, he was shocked to hear the news of Oto’s pregnancy. “I am not suppose to have a child.” He muttered. He’d almost told Omodot that it was the rule for him, from Ane to. He wished to have a child who would inherit all his property and wealth. But he was happy to hear the news, he didn’t understand how he was going to own all the wealth in the world, yet, not have anyone who was going to inherit them.

Memorable July (Episode 3)

He slowly lifted his gaze to the face of the woman he loved. Oto had expected to find a ruthless sneer, not the sort of urbane smile of prevalent at the human feast supper.

He hugged her to himself and kissed her softly on the forehead. “Congratulations to us baby.” He said quite calmly.

She looked helplessly at him, but he turned his face away from her, his mouth tightened in a contemptuous line. She didn’t know why his countenance should bother her, even though he was playing happy. She knew that there was something in his smile, it wasn’t genuine like it ought to be. Her spirit plunged even further when Omodot broke the news, “Ane doesn’t want me to father a child.” He said sadly.

“What do you mean?” Oto asked confusingly.

“Ane’s law for me was not to father a child or own more than one member of a family.”

“What sort of a person is Ane?”

“Ane is a god of the giants. He is my god.”

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 6)

“A god who doesn’t give you happiness isn’t worth worshiping. Jesus is the only God I know that gives happiness and doesn’t want anything in return, he doesn’t give such rules.” She retorted calmly.

Omodot became angry, “Where was your Jesus when I was suffering at Ojuelegba? I worked eight good years as a sales boy to an Igbo trader who ended up chasing me away because he never wanted to pay me for my deserved labor. Where was Jesus when I lost my family. Where was he?” He sighed and turned back to her. “You think we all don’t know of this God of yours? With all the fake pastors who use mystical powers to perform false miracles because they can’t have the true power of their so-called god. You’re indeed mistaken if you think that your god is better than Ane. Ane gives wealth and never takes them.

Your God makes people suffer before he blesses them. And you silly Christians claim it’s call testing faith, covering up for a white man’s god who is no more in existence.”

“Don’t say that, before holy ghost strikes you down!” Oto yelled.

Oty’s Autopsy (episode 8)

“No, holy ghost won’t strike me. He would have saved you first the day I gave you Ane’s covenant wine to drink. He would have saved…”

“Don’t you ever remind me of how you deceived me!” Oto screamed and stood to walk away. But he held her, swiping the back of her hand. She maintained a stony silence.

“I am sorry,”

Oto sighed forlornly.

“I will talk to Bobsman about our baby. He might intercede for us.” He said to her.

“I will talk to God about my baby.”

“There is something else I want to tell you.” He said. She lifted her hollow gaze, really seeing the sincerity in his face for the first time.

“My real name is Otu Utang,”

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 5)

“Where did Omodot come from?”

“It was the name Ane gave to me. It’s what might be our child’s second name.”

“God forbid!” Oto exclaimed. “Our child can’t bear any name after the devil.”

“Do not upset me. I am not a fool to tell you the truth. Sit down, let’s talk.” A chill champ saturated the air, seeping through the tattered flannel of her pajamas. She settled on the grass, hugged her knees tighter, suppressing a shiver.