Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 2)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 21, 2018

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 2)

—Vicky Bon

Oto was bright, independent and very discreet, but her mother always knew when something was troubling her.

She’d gone back home and walked into the kitchen with a frown no her face. Her mother was frying ripe plantain as she settled on a short kitchen stool.

“What is it?” her mother asked.

“Nothing,” she said, then wandered into her comfortable scattered bedroom that had clothes and panties littered around everywhere. She took off her gym wear and grovelled under the bed and pulled out a pair of flipflops.

“What is wrong with you?” her mother asked again. Oto wasn’t aware that she had joined her in the bedroom from the kitchen.

 Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 1)

“I am heartbroken. I can’t find a man like Chibuike,” she said with as she settled weakly on the bed.

Her mother sighed, “Are you still thinking of that low boy who doesn’t have a job or anything doing? That poor church rat. What does he have? All he wanted was sex, and when he couldn’t have it, he vanished!”

“He has a degree mama. He has a bright future. We had dreams together, we talked about our future together.”

“Just shut up,” her mother cut in, “Stop thinking like a tout. Chibuike my foot! Never you think of settling for a poor man out of pity or love. I made that mistake with your father and I corrected it as soon as I knew I was almost drowning. Poor men don’t have anything to offer you. They won’t buy you a car, they will make you suffer, and they are always bitter. They always think that everyone who talks rudely to them is rude because they are poor. Poor boys like your Chibuike are insecure and possessive.”

“I loved him mama, he was good to me. He was better than any rich man.”

Her mother laughed and clapped her hands in the air, “Look at you, can you cope with a poor man? You’re already used to being spoilt with all the good things of life. Look at your bedroom, so scattered and unkept, which man will cope? Even as I don’t have a single child for your stepfather, he adores me still. We’re thinking of adopting kids, and he is fine with that. That is how rich men think, marry a genuine rich man, forget that slum dog of a boy called Chibuike,” her mother said and walked away.

She sat there for several moments, thinking of her lost three years relationship with her ex-boyfriend Chibuike. She found herself again thinking about the sequence of events that led to their first kiss.

It was a forceful one, she’d hated being involved intimately with any man. She hated sex and never for once had it on her own will with Chibuike or any other man. It was what caused their break up. She wasn’t allowing him to touch her. She’d narrated the story of her molestation experiences with her stepfather to him once. When she told him of how she almost castrated her stepfather the last time he’d attempted touching her again, he laughed out loud and nodded proudly.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 3)

“It was the last time he’d ever tried that nonsense,”she said.

“You should have tried castrating him long ago,” he said, laughing.

She’d been unaware of his ulterior motives. He’d tried to touch her while she was asleep at his house. She woke up to see him, and when she demanded to know what he was trying to do, he got furious and flared up.

“If we can’t have sex, then we should end this. What’s the fun in this relationship?” he asked.

Oto threw a frustrating glance at him and walked away. Her mother told her that poor men were only good at having sex and not making money to make their women happy. But Oto wasn’t concerned about how much Chibuike had, she loved him so much, but giving in for him sexually was the hardest decision she never wanted to make.

She thought about the guy she met at the gym, he didn’t tell her of his name, and Oto crushed on him the moment she’d set her eyes on him.

“He is my kind of man,” she muttered to herself. But she wasn’t sure if she was his kind of woman.

The next morning, she would go to the gym and hoped see him again, but unfortunately he didn’t make it to the gym all through that week. Oto wondered if her new found crush was just a wishing star that flashed in her eyes and vanished into the sky.

A week later, the husky fine man was back to the gym. She did not noticed him until it was time to leave. He walked hastily behind her;

“Hello beautiful?” he greeted.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 4)

She paused and then turned. She smiled softly when she saw that he was the one. “Where have you been Mr?” she asked.

“I traveled. I work offshore,” he said.

“Oh!” Oto exclaimed.

“Yeah, I am Omodot Ekom.You?”


He could just see the gentle curve of her lips. He reached his hand across to her, his smile was warm and his fingers moved unhurriedly down her cheek. “You’re a pretty girl,” he said.

Oto felt a deep, slow warmth envelop her as she flashed him a shy smile.

“I am heading left, you?” he asked.

“Straight. My house isn’t far from here.”

“Good, I will drop you off.” He said as he led her to where his car was parked.

She was bewildered at the sight of his car, a G-wagon, the kind of car she’d only seen on the internet, a huge car that had a powerful look. She knew that her expression about the car was noticeable, she took a sharp breath and fixed the seat belt as she tried to comport herself.

“Are you born again? Which church do you attend?” he asked, driving out of the gym premises.

“I’m a catholic,” she replied.

“I used to be a Catholic, but I am now in the Bible Ministries of Christ. You would love to attend my church one of these days, and feel the anointing of my pastor,” Omodot said.

Oto nodded. She was amazed. Such a fine man with so much wealth was humble enough to still talk about Christ, and not about how much he’d wanted to have sex with her. She was impressed and excited about her new friend.