Otos Umusu: Now Your Watch Is Over Warrior–Nnaemeka Oruh

By Ikenga Chronicles December 23, 2016

Otos Umusu: Now Your Watch Is Over Warrior–Nnaemeka Oruh

There is nothing as earth shattering as the manner in which I learnt of your demise.Usually, Betty sends me news links, so when she sent me one that black day about a soldier killed by Boko Haram, I didn’t really take it as something that needed my urgent attention (goes to show how much we never appreciate the travails of our soldiers). But she had followed it up with a request that I call her. So I called and her voice was so low that I could barely hear her. But I did make out the expression “Have you seen the link I sent?”, and in a bid to show that I had gone through the link, I quickly clicked on it. Your pictures assaulted me, and the news that followed the pictures took the wind off me. I needed it to be a dream; I wanted so much for what I was reading to be false.

A blanket of anguish seized my heart, knotting it in pains. Otos was gone.I felt winded, and the tears came despite my attempt at being a “man”.

The first thing to do was to put a call through to Ufuoma, but what was I going to tell a 33-year old, who suddenly found out that she is a widow? Was I going to tell her that everything will be alright? How in hell can anything ever be alright?

When I finally called, I blurted out “How are you doing?” And she gave me the apt answer; “How do you think I’m doing?”

The days that followed have been horrible days. In dealing with my own pains, I tried to imagine what Ufuoma will be going through. I pick my phones daily to reach out, but again, what do I tell my young sister? How do you build strength in a 33-year old? How is she to deal with this cruelty? What do you say; what do you do?

Otos,God, or the Fates fucked shit up here. Daylight was cut short at midday.

But it could have been better, you would have still been here with us if at least the blabbering government had equipped its military with all that is necessary. As I heard, you bled out, why wasn’t there an equipment to aid in stemming the bleeding until you could get better care? We have questions, but I am more interested in calling out a government that defeats insurgency only in the media.Buhari’s government said it defeated Boko Haram since last year, pray, which one killed you, gallant warrior? Their lies will destroy them and they shall feel a thousandfold the pains Ufuoma has been subjected to.

Otos,warrior,Ufuoma’s OU, how can we honour you?How do we keep your memory evergreen, and teach the young ones patriotism, with you as a symbol?

Even as adversity pummels us, and tears flood our eyes, we are trying–urged on by your indomitable and invincible spirit–to part the curtains of tears and adversity, and live on, so that you may live in flesh through us (your spirit can never die). In us,you will live on, and through us, the evil forces that took you from us, shall find their own horrible demise.

Warrior, Otos, Mr. Nigeria himself, the moon this morning is a huge orange ball in the distant sky–daylight has caught up with it. That is about the only normal thing in our world right now.Even the Harmattan–a yearly visitor in December– at these parts,has decided to sojourn in other lands. The world is in revolt; the winds mourn you, friends and foes bow in reverence. The world will never be the same again, for me, and for a whole lot of others.

Your watch is over in these climes our warrior, but it has begun in other spheres.Forever, you will be in our hearts, and live through all eternity. You are immortal!


* Oruh is on Twitter as @oruhnc


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