Osita Chidoka Is Nobody’s Star Witness

By Ikenga Chronicles July 20, 2019

Osita Chidoka Is Nobody’s Star Witness

— Dr. Vitus Ozoke

I hope my good friend Chief Osita Chidoka has not walked into the trap of being a willing scapegoat set by his PDP. How do you save someone for last and label him a star witness in a high stake legal trial who does not have the smoking gun evidence?

As a matter of trial strategy, it is foolish what the Atiku and PDP legal team did. By openly designating Chidoka your star witness, you are telling the court that his testimony is your strongest suit. You are placing the value of his testimony over and above that of all the other 61 witnesses that you presented before you presented him.

If you are going to do that you had better make sure that he is the witness that leads the court to where the bodies are buried. If he doesn’t have a clue where the bodies are buried, as it appears he doesn’t, then not only will you have rubbished his testimony by such hype, you will also have totally undermined the testimonies of the 61 ‘unstared’ witnesses who went before him.

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I have chosen to chime in on this because it looks like Ossy himself has fallen for it, even helping to propagate and viral the narrative that he was the PDP star witness. I hope the gamble pays off, even though the odds don’t exist. Otherwise, as Atiku’s star witness, if Atiku loses the petition, as I’m very sure he will, Osita Chidoka will be the star face of that loss.

PDP, as well as her evil cousin, APC, is a very bad organization. There is nothing meaningful for the Igbo in those two parties. A Fulani man loses election to his Fulani brother and an Igbo man is the star witness. What was that nonsense about? Would heavens have fallen if Atiku had been a star witness in Chidoka’s presidential election petition? Between Atiku and Chidoka, who should be witnessing the other’s presidency in a 2019 world?

Nobody should get me started here. Two degenerately incompetent Fulani septuagenarians are fighting to be president of Nigeria and a very brilliant young Igbo man who just turned 48 is being celebrated as star trial witness. What sort of weird nonsense is that?

PDP is an old witch that eats and regenerates on its young. PDP knows that Atiku’s petition is not going anywhere. Call it coincidence, but I call it contrived that just a day before Atiku closed his case by calling Chidoka as his star witness, the Senate, in a very bizarre technical session, confirmed Justice Ibrahim Tanko as Chief Justice of Nigeria. Go figure. PDP knows that. It knows that the jig is up.

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What the PDP North has accomplished, apart from still having a Fulani as president, is to make an Igbo man the face of Atiku’s coming loss. Otherwise, why couldn’t Atiku be his own star witness? Why couldn’t Bukola Saraki, his election point man and U.S tour guide, be his star witness? No, an Igbo man must be the poster boy for a failed presidential misadventure.

Like I said, it was seeing Osita Chidoka himself join the chorus of star witness and basking in self-adulation that got me worried. I care for him. He’s my friend and I’ll hate to see him get hurt, or worse still, hurt himself. You don’t need any special talent to see that the game is over, and so is the party. It has since been over. If you were ever in doubt, go watch Ibrahim Tanko’s technicalities and decide whether you’ll be comfortable witnessing an aeroplane ‘driven’ by him.

Osita Chidoka, you are nobody’s star witness. Rather, the stars are witnesses to your shining brilliance. Atiku will never be president of Nigeria. Stop wasting your time and talent on him. You don’t want to be the last thing people saw on that sad day, because you’ll be the first thing they remember the day after.