Osinbajo/Buhari, Should We Sacrifice Our Blood?

By Ikenga Chronicles June 4, 2017

Osinbajo/Buhari, Should We Sacrifice Our Blood?

‘Be Ready to Make Sacrifices,’ Osinbajo Tells Nigerians

What more sacrifices do you want from Nigerians?
You increased fuel pump price, we accepted it.
You increased electricity tariff, we welcomed it.
You increased Dollar rate, we stood by you.
You stopped importation of rice, we did not complain.
You closed the borders to tokumbo cars, we still said OK.

You promised us electricity after the increase, we are yet to see it.
You promised us better economy, we are still expectant.

With all these and more, food items soared high.
Nigerians can no longer feed.
Rice, bread, garri, palm oil and all other food items are gone with the winds.
The roads are gone.
Transportation went to the roof top.
Private sector have relieved workers of their jobs
States can no longer pay salaries.
People can no longer feed.
People can no longer pay rent.
People can no longer pay school fees.
The civil service has become redundant.
Civil servants have become researchers researching into loan facilities to survive.
Salaries can no longer sustain homes.
People are begging to feed.
People now commit suicide as quick option to slow death.

What more sacrifice can a people offer to their leaders?
Sacrifice of blood?
Is this slavery in our own land?
What did we do wrong to deserve this from our leaders?

So many wonderful promises, yet no hope.
I think it is time for the politicians to make sacrifices.