Lunatics pad: Osinbajo Cannot Lie–Dum Syl Aminikpo

By Ikenga Chronicles February 7, 2017

The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo has stated that his immediate boss, the world known tourist and President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is hale and hearty; yet some people still won’t believe. That’s sad.

How can this long speech, made by a respected SAN, a top-notch pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the deputy to a world-acclaimed symbol of integrity lie? No way. Let’s bring back that speech so you know what we are really talking about.

‎”The president is hale and hearty, I spoke to the president just this afternoon and we had a warm conversation. He was interested in knowing about the budget process and how far we have gone and the meeting today with the private sector and the economic recovery growth plan and I informed him about the protest march and feedback about what people are saying about the economy. He is in good shape.’

That you are surprised that a man who is hale and hearty is in another country running tests is none of Osibaba’s business. That the same person could not come out to address citizens who wanted to see him, even though he was hale and hearty, does not matter. That Buhari can discuss all the above with Osinbajo, yet sends pictures to the over 150million people he governs too is no issue.

The truth is, Osinbajo cannot lie. No way. So if he’s saying that Buhari is ‘hale and hearty’ but has decided to stay locked away from the world, then that must be the truth. Buhari is in good shape, but there are many reasons why the man might not be ready to get back now, or talk to anyone.

Few days after he travelled, people started spreading the rumour that our amiable preside might have passed on,then, the governors, emirs, pastors, spiritualists, both those who wanted him dead or alive changed their tourist point. Baba got worn out, and needed some privacy, more so with Aisha coming around. So you see, he can still be hale and hearty, but has to get some time to really enjoy his vacation.

Another side of the story. While we are all carnal men,. Osinbajo is a spiritual don, a boss, and one with direct access to the great powers. As a pastor, he is an embodiment of faith, a custodian of the values that make the christian, and one who can see, and change destinies. Osinbajo’s reference to Buhari being hale and hearty might be from the point of faith, so while you are worried, the prof is putting his faith to work, prophesying prophecies, casting and binding, and believing that the God who he serves, the God of Adeboye will answer him and heal the president. It is a statement of faith, and his communication with the president was a conversation in the future, said in faith.

The final note. Osinbajo isn’t lying. He might not know the full details, but what if that call was actually made in the dream, or he was simply asked to report such call as what was which never was? What if Osinbajo sef has not even known whats happening, and is merely talking from a reported angle, do you expect him to be lying when he says his boss is hale and hearty?

Mr. Aminikpo is the host of “From the Lunatic’s Pad” on Ikenga Chronicles, and is on Twitter as @dumsyl

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