Orji Uzor Kalu Set The Bad Precedence For Bad Governance In Abia State

By Ikenga Chronicles December 6, 2019

Orji Uzor Kalu Set The Bad Precedence For Bad Governance In Abia State

— Ifeanyi Calistus

Dee Sam Mbakwe became the governor of the old IMO State in 1979, almost 9 years after the end of the Nigeria – Biafra civil. He was among the dying generation of Igbo Politicians who were pained and challenged by the extent of destruction in Biafraland especially Igbo land as a result of the war. He went into politics to see how he could help rebuild Imo state which was terribly affected by the war.

Dee Mbakwe earned the nickname “the weeping governor” for crying while trying to convince the then NPN led federal government to pay attention to his state. No governor has surpassed his achievement in both Imo, Abia and parts of Ebonyi state which were formally IMO state. The only tarred road that passed through my community, which has survived the test of time was built by him.

Today, we no longer have politicians in the mold and spirit of Sam Mbakwe. We have vultures and hyenas who feed on the flesh and blood of their own people to grow fat, they steal from us instead of giving back to us. Orji Uzor Kalu set the precedence for bad leadership in Abia State. I’m from Abia state, needless to say that nothing shows that we belong to a state.

Each time i drive through Aba in Abia state, I weep. The first thing that confronts and make you uncomfortable is the stench oozing from the refuse dumps along the Aba express way. The dirt in Aba is out of this world, you meet roads in deplorable conditions, you see men and women resolute and defiant of the decay around them to create wonders in the form of shoes, shirts and building materials productions.

Orji Uzor Kalu set the precedence for these retards that continue to rule Abia state. People who do not see beyond their noses. The only thing they know is how to embezzle money meant for the development of the state. For many years, the city of Aba has been in a bad shape. From the roads to the drainage system. Every election year, governorship aspirants of various political parties use the city to campaign.

I understand the anger of the youths today as championed by the IPOB against the Political class in the area and their anger is justified. The political class in Igboland today are really terrible. Any reasonable leader in Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi should be challenged by the level of marginalization and unfair treatment against the Igbo people by the federal government of Nigeria. Igbo proverb says “Onye ajuru adighi aju one ya”. What manner of leaders do we have today? Yesterday, Orji Uzor Kalu was convicted of embezzling 7.1 billion naira meant for Abia state. Only that money is enough to clean and put Aba in shape to some extent.

To maintain Aba as the commercial nerve center of the state in particular and Africa in general is not difficult to achieve. The IGR to achieve this can be generated only in Aba. Aba is blessed with manufacturers and importers. Put Aba in order, investors will troop in to partner with local manufacturers. If you see the kind of welding works that the people do with epileptic power supply, you will mavel. Made in Aba brand competes favourably with Asian and European brands. Aba supply most of the goods sold in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo and some parts of the North and South West.

Hausa/Fulani people will not clean Aba and put the roads in order for us. The former governor that embezzled the money meant for the development of Abia state while he was the governor of the state is not a Yoruba man. We should stop blaming others for our problems. We are our major problems.

Ifeanyi Calistus
Director Of Information