Order Returns, As The Commander-in-Chief Returns

By Ikenga Chronicles August 21, 2017

Order Returns, As The Commander-in-Chief Returns

There is no subtle way of saying it; President Muhammadu Buhari’s protracted absence from the country gave room for many avoidable things to begin to happen. With the leadership uncertainty,Nigeria became a captainless ship, with several persons laying claims to power and control over certain aspects/sections of the nation.Many will of course argue that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was in charge,but that will be a lie. The way the country was running then clearly showed that Professor Osinbajo was not in charge.Thus many things that ordinarily would not have happened began to happen.

In the South East, Nnamdi Kanu began to parade himself as an Emperor. In the North,Arewa Youths reciprocated Kanu’s spiteful stance by issuing a quit notice to the Igbo in that part of Nigeria. Of course other pockets of pretenders to power in certain other parts of the country emerged.All of these were possible, because the country at the time appeared to be directionless, and without a leader.As it were then,Nigeria was on the brink of total collapse.

About twenty-four hours after his return to Nigeria, the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari did a nationwide broadcast. Brief though it was, it was a broadcast that contained the right words; showed the right amount of force; respect for the constitution;respect for human rights; and the basic desire to reign in all of the distractions and steady the ship of Nigeria.If anybody was ever in doubt as to why the President needed to resume, that speech should allay such doubts.

In the coming weeks,one xpects to see a return to order and normalcy, so that the Nigeria ship can now move forward.