Opinion Polls Could Mean Nothing As Reliable Predictors In 2020 Just Like They Did In 2016

By Ikenga Chronicles December 16, 2019

Opinion Polls Could Mean Nothing As Reliable Predictors In 2020 Just Like They Did In 2016

— Dr. Wumi Akintide

Opinion polls based on Probability Theory in Statistics are said to be snippets of the moment in Politics the way I mastered it during my post graduate studies at the UConn Institute of Public Service at Asylum Road in Hartford Connecticut and later on at the main Campus of my Alma Mater the State University of Connecticut, a multi- Campus Citadel of Learning in one of the richest States of America.

I recall that Ella Grasso the first female Governor of the State was n the Governor’s Mansion in Hartford the Insurance Capital of the World and the State Capital.

I would easily have failed Statistics, a chore course at the Institute in Hartford in 1976. I was very good in Liberal Arts from my Secondary School days but very poor in Mathematics and the Sciences.

Two of my course mates I could never forget were Bode Olajumoke, a Russian trained Doctor of Philosophy nominated with me from the Federal Ministry of Establishments in Lagos.

I remember him because we both lived under the same roof in the Campus of the Hartford Seminary next door to the Institute. Senator Olajumoke is still alive and could confirm the veracity of what I am saying.

Bode now Senator Olajumoke and I later became very good friends from that time.

Bode from Imeri near Idoani was to later become one of the power brokers and multi- millionaire Senator representing the North Senatorial District of Akoko of Ondo State in Abuja for many years.

My second Course mate I can never forget was my 22 year old Philippine girl friend named Linnie Mayoralgo, a very beautiful and academically strong mathematician who got nominated for the same program from her Country’s Public Service in Manila.

Linnie Mayoralgo who has since obtained a Ph.D in Econometrics was very good in Mathematics and was one of the smartest and the most beautiful women I have ever dated in my life.

It was Linnie Mayoralgo that gave me the extra help and coaching I needed In Statistics and Probability Theory that made me a good student and an expert on that subject based on random sampling like we hear today in America about who out of the many Democrats running for President can beat Donald Trump in 2020?

My point here is that opinion polls mean absolutely nothing if the election is open to rigging due to Misinformation and Disinformation Espionage master-minded by the Russians with their expertise and superiority in Cyber Technology.

The Russians massively deployed that superiority in 2016 to give Donald Trump a surprise and shocking victory in the 7 swing States of America which determine who wins or loses the Electoral College Abracadabra which has clearly outlived its usefulness in the ideal Democracy the whole World craves and truly deserves.

How for goodness sake can any rational person argue that the decision of 570 handpicked electors must be given priority over the decision of 130 million Americans who cane out to vote in 2016? It makes no sense if the truth be told.

62 million voted for Donald Trump in the popular vote and 65 million voted for Hillary Clinton. Guess who became President by default?

It was Donald Trump in an outcome that made a mockery of all the opinion polls taken before the 2016 Election and on Election Day. It was an outcome that shocked America and the whole World.

Donald Trump is proactively looking for ways and means to justify his possible loss of the popular vote again in 2020 by as much as 10 million but winning again the Electoral College Abracadabra by openly inviting not only Russia but China and even tiny Ukraine to help him win again by hooks or crooks even worse than he had done in 2016.

His luck ran out this time around because he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

Nancy Pelosi the best Speaker next to the great Tip O’Neil of Massachusetts and her Democratic Majority in Congress did exactly the right thing him by impeaching him for his shake-down of the rookie Ukrainian President Zelensky at a time Ukraine was being seriously threatened and intimidated by Russia which had already annexed Crimea and was about to roll over Ukraine with effortless ease.

Donald Trump gave the Ukrainian President an ultimatum and an offer he could not refuse by urging him to start a smear campaign against Joe Biden – the candidate he feared the most in his re- election bid in 2020.

It was a disastrous move on his part but he got caught and that was what has changed Nancy Pelosi’s mind to support investigating Donald Trump’s shake down of an embattled Ukrainian President who had no other choice than to do the favor that Donald Trump was asking for.

Donald Trump knew that Russia was going to rollover Ukraine if Zelensky does not cooperate with him. Donald Trump is just being clever by half.

I would not take it past Donald Trump that he and Vladimir Putin did not know what they were doing. They sure did.

They have clandestinely collaborated to put Ukraine between the Devil and the Deep Sea to score a double Whammy like they say in America.

They both wanted to achieve their ultimate goals.

Donald Trump wants to win again if Joe Biden the best hope of the Democrats to beat him is mortally wounded by a smear campaign led by Ukraine.

Donald Trump has planned to capitalize on that smear campaign to easily win re-election in 2020 despite his corruption and abysmal and racist performance in office on multiple fronts.

By the same token Vladimir Putin had wanted to blackmail Ukraine instead of Russia as the culprit that Americans should blame for their problems and not Russia at all.

It was a wicked move but something the Communist Dictator is very good at. Putin has become the King Maker in American Politics for better or for worse. Believe it or not?

It was a clever move by both Trump and Putin to pull a fast one on America but they both got caught in so doing because what goes around comes around.

They can cheat and not get caught a few times but sooner or later I know they are going to overplay their hands.

Donald Trump has been a phony and a fraud all his life as determined and eloquently stated by Mitt Romney but his tragedy is that he got caught this time around by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and he has to pay the full price.

I repeat that Opinion Polling means nothing if Americans are not able to find an effective antidote to the Russian manipulations and meddling in American Politics again in 2020.

Vladimir Putin plans to do it again in 2020 even more intrusively than he did in 2016 if he and Donald Trump are not punished and condemned for what they had done before and what they are again planning to do as repeat offenders in 2020.

Americans must not let them!