Open Letter To The Nigerian Soccer Hypocrite

By Ikenga Chronicles June 17, 2018

Open Letter To The Nigerian Soccer Hypocrite

— Vitus Ozoke

My Dear Nigerian Hypocrite,

I hope you’ve had enough time to display your insincere emotions since Croatia humiliated Nigeria yesterday. Reading all your post-game reactions, I’m compelled to call you out for the contradictory hypocrite that you are.

You adopt, cheer, and support foreign clubsides; you buy and wear their jerseys; you proclaim you are blue for life; you openly declare that you are ready to die for Chelsea; you will ride or die with Manchester United; Barcelona is your middle name; Lionel Messi is your idol; Cristiano Ronaldo is your god, and Real Madrid is your religion.

You will not touch Enugu Rangers’ jersey with a ten-foot pole; you can’t name two clubs in Nigerian national soccer league; you’ve never attended a local league match, but you’ll travel to the watch an English Premier League soccer match.

Russian Women Can Have Sex With Tourists – Putin

Yet, when it is World Cup, you get upset that your so-called Super Eagles are anything but super.

Quit being phoney!

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be more English than the English; you can’t love Barcelona more than Barcelonians and still be genuinely upset that Croatia trounced Nigeria.

Your hypocrisy and gut-wrenching phoniness will soon be too obvious when your god Messi and his Argentinean crew maul Nigeria. Where will your loyalty be? You don’t need to answer that.

Messi Admits He Fears Super Eagles

I have watched you shamelessly gush over Cristiano Ronaldo, you call him CR7. You’ve crowned him your best and most favored player at a World Cup your own country is also competing. I can’t, and don’t, expect better from you. But just quit being phoney!


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