Open Letter To The Minister Of Health And The Senate: The Need For Health Reform

By Ikenga Chronicles December 30, 2019

— Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

Currently, 90% of Nigerians have never had general routine check-up because the charges are incredibly high!

A checkup is imperative here because most deadly health issues can be spotted before it become incurable from such routine check up!

Most Nigerians have no idea of what GPs are!

They are crucial to well being of the people because they regularly carry out routine check up and this action, saves lives.

8 Years ago, I had one such routine checkup and l told my Gp, l have night driving very difficult and he asked me to see, an optician. The optician found out, l had cataract in my eyes!! It led to my now having artificial lens with my having no need to wear my glasses ever again to drive or read road signs or map, at night or keeping, my lane when driving.

It is imperative, that we have a health service reformation. 

A friend of mine lost her mother to diabetes 30 minutes ago, today and had she had, routine consultation with a GP, her sugar blood level would have been controlled and not lead to heart attack that killed her.

WHO ARE THE GPs (General Practitioners)

General practitioners (GPs) deal with a range of health problems and are usually the first person, a patient turns to for help. They are general experts in the whole field of medicine and see both children and adults.

Every council area have GPs, and you are allocated GPs based on your post codes and number of residents in your post code area.

GPs manage the widest range of health problems providing:

A) both regular and reactive health promotion

making accurate diagnoses and risk assessments

dealing with multi-morbidity

b) coordinating long-term care

addressing the physical, social and psychological aspects of patients’ wellbeing throughout their lives

C) collaborating with other primary care professionals, including clinical pharmacists, practice nurses, and physiotherapists.

D)They are also involved in deciding how health and social services should be organised to deliver safe, effective and accessible care to patients in their communities.

GPs usually work in practices, often leading teams which include nurses, healthcare assistants, practice managers, receptionists and other staff. 

GPs provide continuing medical care for patients in the community or they will refer patients to hospital clinics for further assessment or treatment by specialists. Nine out of ten patients are seen by general practitioners, and nearly nine out of ten patients rate their experience of their GP practice as good.


I lost my dad, my mum, sisters and brother to this basic form of care. In 2003, my mum woke up bleeding through her nose and mouth! No one around her knew what was wrong and by the time, she got to the hospital in festac town, she was already in a coma! First aid is never applied to dying people! No ambulance is ever sent to investigate the emergency and thousands are dying. Even Mrs. BUHARI was alarmed when she visited the Abuja Aso Rock clinic and there were inadequate machines and personnel for providing, excellent medical services.

This was five years ago but nothing has changed and to make matters worse, her husband, the president, keeps running to London for medical care!

Tell me, of any advanced country where the president travels to a foreign country for treatment?

Or tell me, if President Trump or Prime minister Boris Johnson, ever travelled to China or Japan for treatment? 

Even former President Jonathan had to send his sister to Germany for medical care! How many Nigerians could afford the cost of medical service abroad? 

A cousin of mine spent £25,000 to travel to India to have a cadaver’s kidney transplantation. 8 years later, he is well and still living!

President BUHARI is an example of a clueless president who simply looks away and watch Nigerians suffer and die because those in charge are completely, oblivious of how horrible it is, to wait hours or forced to go home to die, due to lack of funds to pay for the medical care.

According to our constitution, the president has compelling need to take care of the care need of our people and he has the responsibility of our hospitals, providing adequate care and medical care!

We are rich enough to make our country great and provide free medical care to our people.

All previous presidents of Nigeria are simple buffoons because they are happy to watch our venerable Nigerians die, for lack of medical care!

President BUHARI’S son had an accident and was flown to Germany and the father at about the time, was in hospital, in England!

Former President Babangida who stole billions travels to Germany for treatment and the last trip had fumbling President Jonathan the shell billion bribe taker, refunded the cost of that trip to President BABANGIDA! A man who is a multi billion dollars soldier of fortune!

How shameful the president is, he blows billions on his health and that of his family members but is happy to watch the people die every hour and every day!

Worst every governor has medical allowances for their family members and in former Akpabio’s he demanded 100,000 000 naira a year for his health allowance.


Both the previous and current ministers for medical services are doctors “Do little” and butchers! 

  • Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan is the founder of the reform party of Nigeria
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