Open Letter To Andrew Cuomo, Governor Of New York And Joe Biden Former Vice President Of The United States!

By Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan June 4, 2020

Open Letter To Andrew Cuomo, Governor Of New York And Joe Biden Former Vice President Of The United States!

The arrest and prosecution of Americans need reform!

It is imperative to reform the brutal and barbaric way, both black and white Americans are arrested and processed for prosecution.

Whoever, designed the current procedure must have been a cowboy who sees Americans as mules and cows, that must be tied up like a pig when arrest is necessary!

You watch daily, human beings being told to lie down in the must or dust like common criminals with gun drawn before questions are asked or there was any need to apprehend any citizen!

This method agitates most citizens!

Justice And The Sanctity And Dignity Of The Law And Court

The current procedure is so tensive that it drives most people to point of civil disobedience!

In England, the police check your car registration and then determine the approach for the arrest!

There have been dumb and stupid approach where police chiefs, district attorney even CIA officials were handcuffed for practically no probable reason for the arrest.

Given the fact that Americans have the right to carry arms, which poses a serious threat to the lives of the US police, but police once any citizen is accosted, told to put his hands in the air, come out of the car, padded to have no gun on him, why the hell you then tell him to kneel down, put your hand behind your back, lie down in the dust and then handcuff him?

In one instance, a black female school teacher, within the school premises was stopped, told to come out, by an aggressive trigger happy white police officer and then handcuffed before being told why she was stopped!

She was stopped for a blooming burnt rear brake light!

He Ignored Your Command?

She was arrested and put in the police car for a rotten 69pence bulb!

The following morning, she was found dead in her police cell! Holy Moses, how far do these racist police officers go to exterminate blacks?

It turned out, she was a very active black rights advocate!

The police officers on duty, who must have killed her simply explained that it was a suicide! It takes at least 5 minutes to die if you commit suicide and since she was in a holding cell for a traffic offence that would only in the UK result in a traffic offence ticket, she would be in full view of the desk sergeant! Tell me, if the officer was not charged for murder, it is an obvious lack of due diligence!

The offence did not warrant custodial arrest !

All of us often fail to see the rear light burnt bulbs but we do see the front light burn bulbs hence the police here in U.K. will never handcuff you, never put you in a holding cell because they respect human rights and see the people, as human beings but not monkeys to be locked up, for any or no offence!

“Job Delivery Is Not A Matter Of Gender”- PPRO, Lagos State Police Command SP Dolapo Badmos

There is need to make the distinction between the miscellaneous and felonious offences while the U.K. police approach is respectful, the white Americans see every American as combative and criminals!

The current approach of the white American police officers his extremely subject and not objective!

They create tension and fear hence their nickname trigger happy born to kill cops!

Every citizen including babies are terrified of the police and they have made American lives very tensive and apprehensive!

They know they are never found guilty of killing fellow citizen and they are ever so ready to kill!

How do you justify, police mob arrest?

One offender and 10 to 15 police officers jump on the arrested individual because their intention is to choke to death the individual then ask questions later!

This mob madness of the United States white police officers must be stopped!

A new law should be enacted that where three or ten officers are at the scene of any arrest, no more than three should be involved in the arrest and the others, must be ensuring the arrested individual is not being choked to death.

George Floyd was watched by a Chinese police officer and two others and they heard George screaming “l can breathe”, the Chinese officer just stood there watching the murder!

The police arrest, prosecution and detention must be reviewed and reformed!

Children of the ku klux klan would always be in the police force to commit atrocious crimes that their fathers cannot legally commit hence the heavy hands of the law must protect the minorities and so hated people of colour!

Please see the attack on the granddaughter of Joe Jackson by a white woman and all because she is a mixed race! This hatred does not belong in the 21St century but in the archive of 16th century America where blacks were treated as inferior elements!

Please you are the most right thinking American leaders and we need you to reform this maddening crowd of born to kill white police officers!

I must saw some white officers are saints and very kind human beings but they are in the minority!

We need reform!

Not tomorrow but today!

  • Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan Former director of the