Only The Supreme Court, Not Prophets, Not Marabouts, Not Seers, Not Propagandists Will Determine Imo Guber Appeals With Finality!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 11, 2020

Only The Supreme Court, Not Prophets, Not Marabouts, Not Seers, Not Propagandists Will Determine Imo Guber Appeals With Finality!

–By Nnamdi Obiaraeri

To say that there is palpable anxiety in Imo State over the pending judgement(s) in the Imo gubernatorial election petition appeals now before the Supreme Court is to state the obvious.

Offlline and online, in beer parlours, churches, inside BusImo or Keke or motor parks, lots of verbal expenditures are being incurred over the likely outcome of the final appeals in the controversial Imo State guber.

Ahead of the expected judgement(s), political camps and their fringe supporters have entered panic mode.

This is further heightened by the recent dramatic intervention of Rev Fr Mbaka, the fiery Catholic cleric, who is said to have pointedly prophesied that the eventual winner in the Imo guber contest will be Senator Uzodinma of APC.

Naturally, and without pretending about it, this has rattled the incumbent Governor Ihedioha and his PDP camp forcing them to shop for reprisal prophecies and unpalatable attacks against the person and spiritual calling of Rev Fr Mbaka.

As a follow up, tongues have been wagging endlessly in different partisan and religious directions with different pro-PDP clerics shouting themselves hoarse to prove Rev. Fr Mbaka’s prophecy to be false.

The fear of loss of power by an incumbent Governor to his challenger or to the other side no be small fear.

Na bad dream be that but one man’s bad dream is another man’s prayer point!

These melodrama of cacophony of prophecies, whether contrived or not, have in turn taken off the shine from the legal merits and demerits of the appeals in the cases lodged by APGA, APC and AA before the highest court in the land.

Ideally, no one is expected or allowed to prejudge the outcome of a case that is pending before a court of law.

To do so as is being wantonly done on this occasion is subjudice, criminal and prejudicial but Nigeria being what it has become, too many odd things now happen and pass for normal.

Regrettably, armchair political analysts and pseudo legal pundits are now having a field day openly predicting judicial decisions pending in the Supreme Court and partisan clerics have not been left out.

With the recent unfortunate judgment of the Supreme Court dislodging Ugwumba Uche Nwosu as a candidate in the Imo guber elections, the only outstanding and fully loaded appeals left are therefore those of Senator Araraume of APGA and Senator Uzodinma of APC.

How the Supreme Court will determine any and or all of these APGA and APC or even AA appeals certainly will not depend on clairvoyance or prophesies but on hard law and discernible judicial precedents.

At the end of the day, our electoral jurisprudence must be enriched as the expected judgements will never be a “Yes” or “No” mystic shenanigans.

This recondite clarification has become necessary because many ignorant folks out there do not know that the Supreme Court is a court of law and justice and not a temple of seers and marabouts.

No matter the noise, ruse, propaganda and armtwisting tactics now being employed by parties in the guber appeals, the Supreme Court will not shy away from deciding the cases on their individual merits, based on law and justice.

Therefore, options are still open to all the parties in the appeals and it is not over until it is over.

Judgement of the court can go either way based on the facts and body of evidence and predicated on the law of the land.

No one knows or can assure conclusively how judicial contests can end except the judex that has heard evidence and is properly situated to give judgement.

Only the Supreme Court has the final say on these appeals and not too long from now, it will say so on record and for posterity sake.

World over, politicians are incurable optimists. Nigerian politicians are not any different.

Politicians see bright chances even in the darkest and gloomiest moments because, in politics, it is not over, until it is over.

Political contests are characterised by dramatics and histrionics.

The present Imo guber appeals are witnessing high pressure intrigues and drama like never before especially through the introduction of metaphysics angle and meta-legal concoctions.

In the welter of conflicting prophetic pronouncements now on ground, Imo people are advised to patiently await the legal judgement.

Whoever is ultimately victorious before the Supreme Court must have been favoured by the law of the land as appeals lie from the Supreme Court to nowhere else.

Legally speaking, any of four mutually exclusive scenarios are likely-Ihedioha may scale through; or Senator Hope may pull the trigger; or Senator Araraume may clinch the victory; or all of them could be sent back to the polls.

Whichever way it goes, Imo State will win but only the Supreme Court has the joker and final say.


A new normal is possible!