Onibode Lalupon As A Metaphor, Is Here Again… The Concluding part–Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo

By Ikenga Chronicles November 29, 2016

Onibode Lalupon As A Metaphor, Is Here Again… The Concluding part–Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo

As soon as this member of the band of no-do-gooders finished rendering his rehearsed tale that he hoped will prepare the Onibode for the bombshell to come, he wailed loudly for effect.The contouring of the already fearful mien on the Onibode’s face was an assurance of some sort that the gossipers are gaining already …

It was now time to vault out the damning meaning to Saworo’s drumming…

“Aye ma ni’ka Ooo…
Aye toto…
Aye Akamara…
Eniyan, ab’idi yan, yan…

Who would have thought Saworo had this long been saying of our esteemed Border Comptroller a Vile message on his visage…
We have just come about the meaning of his “Din din din ndìn ndìn, din din ndìín;
Din din din ndín din dìn ndin dín dín din…”
Most Excellent Comptroller General, this is what the dastardly drummer has been saying all along:
E w’enu Imado,
E w’enu Igbin;
E w’enu Onibode Lalupon….”

After saying this, this very imp of the born losers, sat down, wailing very terribly…
The others of the same ilk, not to be outdone, took to snide remarks and attestations of failed fealties…
“I would have killed him myself, one said, if not that I’ll be taking that pleasure off our most able General the Onibode”
Another simply dug into his porch and brought out a mean looking dagger, muttering something to himself after which he declared he only had to send the dagger out to find Saworo’s delicate vocal cords, by throwing it in the air, but of course with the permission of the no-one-to-rival-soon-to-crowned Onibode of all Onibodes…

The Onibode fuming, disturbed, distraught, thanked his visitors, gave them gifts and bade them farewell….
He then commanded that 7 of his very best men, from his pool of powerful and dangerous men, should immediately proceed to Oje quarters with the inevitable deduction from an expected reaction with the instruction;
“Bring unto me the soon-to-be-dead Saworo, the heavenly hawker of the corn meal is about to have a new buyer…”
E lo re gbe wa n’mi;
Eleko Orun n’polowo….

No sooner than an hour and a half after this incident, was Saworo bundled into the presence of the Onibode!
… And the amount of human beating, torture and degradation that Saworo suffered that day has neither been seen nor written in the anals of history since that day.
Such was the fate of Saworo the unfortunate drummer, who fell into the hands of those tale bearers, tattletale carriers, never-do-gooders of his time…!

And at these present times, in this present age, and in the very space we all occupy, the replicas of these toxic-people, simpletons, snakes Venomous, Verminous quidnuncs abound our individual and different spaces, in many shades and appearances….
As we speak, many are already victims of these bags of wind, wanton blabberers, chatterers, these scandalmongers…
Many of us are victims, daily, frequently.

Our unfortunate drummer could only muster a few gasps of,
“Emi o je se’yin Oluwa mi;
N’go je s’ebaje si’yin Oluwa mi….”
It is not going to happen my Lord, that I will so do you evil or repay your kindness with disloyalty, I plead this innocence from a heart, pure and devoid of mischief….

By a stroke of luck I would say, perhaps Providence so directed, The Oluwo of Iwo, Omo olodo oba, omo ateni gbola, teni gbore nile odidere happened to have gotten to the border on his way to Ibadan….
As you all know, Lalupon was, and still is, the midway between Ibadan and Iwo.
The Forthright Oba enquired as to the reason for the treatment being meted out to Saworo the Unfortunate Drummer.
And upon being told the tale as retold by the know-it-alls, show-offs, swelled heads, trumpeters, windbags, The Oba asked that Saworo be brought to state his own case…..

A Bully is none other than the type that does not ask questions and neither demanding for explanations, but determines his mind from tales retold by gossipers…
Such a Bully was The all brawn and little brained Onibode Lalupon, who without testing the ululation of the never-do-gooders, jumped into the faulty conclusion that such as they represent were in this case right.
It was a very battered near death Saworo who was asked to reveal the meaning of his drumming and getting to know for the first time, why he was so treated with such beating of the type that nearly cost him his life…

Barely audibly coherent, but still with enough strength, he spurts with blood the meaning as thus:
“Mo jeun Ibadan,
Mo jeun Iwo,
Mo jeun Onibode Lalupon… ”
I am but a thankful recipient of patronages from Ibadan,
Equally, neither would I deny the largesse I enjoy from Iwo Town…
But nonetheless, nothing compares with the extra wholesomeness of the bigger spoils of my trade as vested on me by my patron, the Onibode of Lalupon….

“Din din din ndìn ndìn, din din ndìín;
Din din din ndín din dìn ndin dín dín din…”
Mo jeun Ibadan, mo jeun Iwo;
Mo jeun Onibode Lalupon!

Were it not for Providence…
If not for the intervention of the Oluwo, who happened on the scene, a great crime would have simply been committed against an innocent soul…
But Saworo did not die that day,
He only caught a glimpse of heaven.
May our traducers never succeed to the extent that our very lives are wasted upon their triteness and excessive gossips!

There is an Onibode Lalupon in each and every lover of busybodies, chatterboxes, flibbertigibbets, gossip mongers, meddlers, newsmongers, parrots, prattlers, scandalizers, scandalmongers…!

The likes of Onibode Lalupon will often find themselves in acts of propitiation, and redress seeking, only after the Goodwill they had hitherto enjoyed, had been squandered on their often Immoderate, heedless, careless thoughtless, unmindful disposition toward believing every lie, every rumor, every prattle thrown at them, without recourse to logical thinking and sequential reasoning….

This tale has ended, but I do hope the intense meanings of this allegory have found the deeper resonance with each and every one of us…

And until such a time that I might be coming your way again with another classical allusion to our everyday situation, may I declare a short break until the next time…


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