On Nnamdi Kanu And Other Matters

By Ikenga Chronicles February 17, 2020

On Nnamdi Kanu And Other Matters

–By Dr. Ozodi Osuji

I was once motivated to understand Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, to subject him to intense psychoanalysis and try to make sense of him.  I gave up because I did not deem him worthy of such effort. Why? He was not a freedom fighter and, as such, of no relevance to me. I saw him as a chap on the hustle, trying to make a living from the best way he knows how.

Igbos are currently ruled by Fulani’s. Igbos are resentful of being dominated by these aliens from the Futa Jalon in Guinea. They are totally pissed that these cattle herdsmen rule them but they do not know how to get out of that rule.  Their anger is seeking outlet but Nigerian soldiers have surrounded them and any move they are shot dead.

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Nnamdi Kanu apparently saw the situation clearly and decided to make good use of it. He talks about what he calls Lugard’s cage, the Zoo, and similar jazz about the Fulani’s dominating his people.

Anyone who talks as Kanu does is bound to get a listening audience. He gets his audience. They are Igbos wanting a magical savior from their intolerable situation.

Igbos are in a situation where they do not know what to do about it. Some of them, the amoral, self-centered, pragmatic class join forces with the Fulani rulers of the zoo and are benefiting from the zoo. The rest of them try to make a living from trading and other jobs.

Clearly, Igbos are abused and oppressed people.  So Nnamdi Kanu comes into the picture promising what he cannot deliver, deliverance from the cage. Clearly, he is not a fighter; if he is a nationalist fighter, he would form a guerrilla movement and go into the bush and fight to liberate his people. That would risk him getting caught and hanged so he runs to the West.

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He once made the mistake of returning to Nigeria and the Nigerian state apprehended him at the airport and banged him into the slammer. He was released on bond. He talked big and when the soldiers of the Nigerian state came to get him, like a coward, he turned tail and ran away. Only God knows where he was. In time he resurfaced and continued his jazzy talk.

Like Emeka Ojukwu they talk the talk but do not walk their talk; when danger comes, they run away. A question begs answer.

Why do so-called Igbo leaders abandon their soldiers at the battle field and run away? Given this selfish and cowardly behavior would it not be only a fool who would follow these cowardly so-called leaders? A leader ought to stay with his troops to the last minute.

And these Igbo leaders do not feel shame that they abandon their followers at the war front; they come back to talk as if they are the most courageous human beings on earth. They are all talk and no self-sacrificing action.

For Those Invoking Fire And Brimstones For Our Heads; A Word For You!

Because he is a coward, I did not deem him worthy of my time trying to understand him. He had to stay and fight and if needs be dying for a cause for me to consider him a leader hence worthy of attempt to understand him.

Cowards who talk the talk and when danger comes close, run away are the scum of this world and I do not have time to waste on them. Thus, I dismissed Kanu as another Igbo coward who talks big talk but when danger shows up, he runs away.

They do not even seem to know what a leader is. A leader sets a goal and is out front with his followers trying to accomplish it and is the last man to abandon his sinking ship. Take these cowards out of my sight for they are not leaders of men.

 However, recently the man has taken to touring the USA, hobnobbing with known white racists, such as Congressman Steven King of Iowa, The Congressman is such a rabid racist that his fellow Republicans have taken all roles away from him and he is now practically a shunned man.

The Battle For The Soul Of Nigeria

By the way, because Kanu is socializing with white racists he is now a marked man in black neighborhoods; there is bull’s eyes on his back for the brothers consider him an enemy and taking him out they would gladly do; he is a traitor to the black race.

 I asked why he even allows his black face to be seen among KKK folks.  His know nothing followers who now see him as all-knowing say that he knows what he is doing, that I know nothing and would not understand why a black man called a nigger by white racists is found around the racists camp.

 Trump, the king of white supremacists, just slapped Igbos with anti-immigrant emigration to the USA…yet these Igbo fools consider Trump their savior. How stupid can a people be; are Igbos this stupid? 

Listen, all I can say is that cursorily, Kanu probably has narcissistic personality disorder and imagines his self-special. He is seeking admiration from the people and uses people to get what he wants and if they are no longer useful to him, he would abandon them.

Iconoclasm My Religion

Right now he uses his IPOB organization to hustle, to travel around the USA collecting money from his followers (hopefully, he keeps records of every penny he gets from the USA for obviously the liberal gatekeepers of  America have their eyes on him and when it suits them they would arrest him and charge him with making money in the USA without authorization to do so …since he comes with a visitor’s visa he is not supposed to make income from the USA…and slap him with wire fraud and after keeping him in jail to rough him up for a while deport him and ask him not to enter the USA, again; they did that to a civil rights giant like Marcus Garvey and certainly will do it to a mere hustler like Kanu).

I believe that Kanu suffers from the psychopathology that many Igbos suffer from: desire to seem important that is out of proportion to where they are in space and time. In space and time, they are a bunch of primitive Africans but in their minds, they fancy themselves kind of special and over important.

They also have a tendency to paranoia. See Kanu’s paranoid conspiracy theories. One day he says that Buhari is dead and a Sudanese is in his place, an outrageous lie. The next day it is another lie. His daft followers do not even seem to have the mindfulness to differentiate between lies and truth and swallow the man’s many incredible lies; he is a lying machine, as most narcissists are, see the king narcissist in the American white house; that one tells many lies each day.

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I say leave these folks alone for they are not serious freedom fighters. If they are one would try to make an effort to understand and help them. For now, let sleeping dogs lie (for the little that I said here the mad dogs would bark at me and call me unprintable names, they think that they win their wars by insulting folks, not by picking up guns and fighting the Fulani’s screwing them).

At least, Kanu serves some useful function for both Igbos and Nigerians. He keeps the people aware of the rotten nature of their country. Some Igbos just escape from that awareness by making money or running away from the country to go live in the UK, USA or Canada while doing nothing about the badly misgoverned country called Nigeria. Kanu at least makes people aware of the shithouse the country is. In that sense he is useful even if he is a shyster, a huckster exploiting a bad situation.

Because he raises the people’s awareness of their corrupt country, I thank him, and continue looking for a real revolutionary fighter to lead Igbos out of the quagmire they are in.

For what it is worth, let me restate my position on Nigeria. Nigeria is an artificial construct. It needs to be restructured. Nigeria needs to be restructured to about twelve federating states, each state a major tribe.

The expected states are Alaigbo, Yorubaland, Edoland, Ijawland, Efikland, Hausa land, Borno, Plateau, Benue and three other states. Let each state govern itself as it sees fit and they all have a weak center. Each state must have total control of its economic resources and the people pay tax to operate the federal government.

Under no circumstances should one tribe dominate others as Fulani’s are currently doing. The current Fulani domination is unsustainable and if left alone Nigeria is on path to collapse in twenty years.

If folks want to retain the country, they have to return to what used to be called regionalism, this time twelve regions.

Letter To Nnamdi Kanu

Unitary government is a hare branded attempt by Ironsi through which Igbos wanted to dominate Nigeria and now Fulani’s use it to dominate Nigeria, what an irony!

Igbo land, from Igwe Ocha to Agbor, is about the size of southern California. It is no more than two hundred miles from east to west and north to south. As far as countries go it is a tiny place.   Igbos are probably about thirty million people.

Igbos see themselves as a great people even though, objectively, they are a primitive African tribe. They are not relevant in the world of science and technology or in anything else for that matter.

As we speak, the Biafrans write on social media about their leader, Nnamdi Kanu hobnobbing with world leaders, (they show photoshopped pictures of him with leaders of the USA and China), they write that those leaders are paying homage to his dead parents. They show pictures of Trump and the Chinese president supposedly congratulating Kanu on successfully burying his parents.

Those leaders probably do not know about the man’s existence. The claim of meeting with world leaders is false, propaganda that makes Biafrans seem important people and make their Biafran cause seem significant to the rest of the world.

So, are Biafrans deluded, grandiose, insane? Is what we are looking at here Igbo madmen? They may be deluded and mad nevertheless their belief in their specialness can dispose them to fight for it and make their little land to become important in the world.

So, leave them to live in their fantasyland; all of life is characterized by the folly of human importance, so let them keep seeking that false importance, it masks their, our sense of existential unimportance in body.

On a personal note, why do I have a need to show these people, my people as nothing and as insane?  Why the need to say what belittles them and their cause?

What is in it for me for showing them as deluded and unimportant Africans?

A person generally sees in other people what he sees in his self, denies and projects out. So, do I feel unimportant and deluded, deny it and project it out?

I know that all human life in body is worthless and to the extent that I seek importance based on body I am deluded.

Mental health lies in denying body based worth and seeking spirit-based worth, worth in God, worth in Christ.

Either way, I must stop trying to show Igbos as crazy people for they are no more crazy than other human beings.

My desire to understand Igbos is motivated by my desire to understand me. That desire is now satisfied. It should morph to desire to understand all human beings for they are all the same. Observe their desire for body based worth as part of the human condition and leave it at that.

In body people feel like nothing but seek false body based worth. They regain real worth when they seek worth in Spirit, in God.