Ojukwu’s Deception Of Ndigbo

By Ikenga Chronicles August 28, 2017

Ojukwu’s Deception Of Ndigbo

Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, between 1967 to 1970,led the predominantly Igbo Eastern Nigeria through a very bloody civil war. The war, history says, was prompted by Ojukwu’s belief that ndi Igbo were targeted for extinction by the Northerners. That belief led Ojukwu to declare Eastern Nigeria, an independent and sovereign nation of Biafra. That declaration became the catalyst that precipitated the bloody civil war in which about three million lives were lost.

Having led his people through the civil war, one may therefore be forgiven if one believes that Ojukwu genuinely believed in Biafra as a solution to the Igbo problem. Recent revelations however seem to imply otherwise.

First, President Muhammadu Buhari, in his infamous short broadcast to the nation after spending over 100days in London on medical leave, stated that before his death, Ojukwu had told him in Daura, that he does not believe that Biafra is the solution to the Igbo problem in Nigeria. This statement was purportedly confirmed by the son of the late Biafran leader.

Now if Ojukwu genuinely did not believe that Biafra was necessary, why then did he put his people through a horrendous 30 months civil war? Why was about three million lives sacrificed? Was the real reason for the declaration of Biafra then, by a hot headed albeit young Ojukwu, simply an ego battle?Were those lives merely sacrificial fowls to satiate Ojukwu’s personal and egoistic desires?

Ojukwu is of course not alive to refute the statement by President Buhari, but if his son’s words are anything to go by, then it does seem that he deceived the Igbo and led them to the slaughter for his own personal satisfaction.