Of Mrs. Obiano and Her American Tomfoolery and Uncharitable Charity

By Ikenga Chronicles December 30, 2019

Of Mrs. Obiano and Her American Tomfoolery and Uncharitable Charity

–Amaechi Wordshot

When the former governor of Edo State Lucky Igbenedion went to visit mountain kilimanjaro in the East Africa and came back to celebrate and noisily list it among his very sparse records of achievements; that he was the only Governor in Nigeria to have climbed the tallest mountain in Africa, actually after running from the mountains of problems at home, that had defied his nit wits, and as Edo people were decrying the parlous state of affairs in their state due to his scandalous ineptitude and mediocrity, I thought no other public office personality would beat that crass foolishness until the stories and pictures of the wife of the Anambra State governor allegedly distributing items of ‘charity’ to Americans in their streets broke out in the social media.

I dont still believe this was true. How could she, even if they were Anambra people in America? This is not just robbery against the unfortunate people of her state whose scarce resources must have been deployed towards this most uncharitable charity, it is sheer wickedness as in robbing poverty stricken Paul to feed rich and wealthy Peter. Meanwhile, does she know the average poor person in America is far into the league of the middle class in Nigeria if per capita income index is used to adjudge the population in the two climes. Was there no one around Mrs. Obiano that could have reminded her of the popular saying about Charity beginning from home? In fact, this charity shouldn’t just begin from home, it should have remained at home forever, to alleviate the terrible conditions of poverty and indescribable misery the political elite of Nigeria have increasingly brought upon the unfortunate masses of this country.

Mrs Obiano, without mincing words, acted most foolishly. And this was not the first time. This also peels a skin off her head to reveal the utter contempt and disregard those who are thrust upon us by the evil political forces occupying our land held the long suffering people of Nigeria. If it was not a Governor prioritizing building a hundred mosques over school blocks; if it was not the government sponsoring privileged friends of those in power to Mecca, Israel and Rome on pilgrimages, it would be government hiring marabouts and prayer warriors, at hefty costs, to pray for peace, unity and development, the very things they, through actions of impunity and inactions of limited faculties and abilities in governance, are the greatest threat to, in the country today. The Americans, I know would be wishing they laid hands on Mrs. Obiano as a specimen for serious research and psycho analysis, to learn more about the weird mindset of those who hold sway politically here.