Occult Manipulations And Astral Projections Are Real

By Ikenga Chronicles June 28, 2020

Occult Manipulations And Astral Projections Are Real

Many years ago, I read a book titled: “Occult Grandmaster Now in Christ”, written BY His grace, harbinger of the last covenant, Prof. Iyke Nathan Uzorma, the former Occult grandmaster himself who was converted to christ in the early 90s at the Assemblies of God crude where he had manifested in Astral projection to attack the man of God scheduled to preach at the crusade ground.

After his conversion, he began to expose the modus operandi, activities and hidden powers of the Occult kingdom. It was from his book I first came across the words: spiritual manipulations, astral projections, astra travel, witchcraft manipulations, manipulations of vicious occult powers, esoteric powers psychic entities, powers and witchcraft, propensities of high vicious occult etc. I did not understood the import of those words until the night of the 14th may 2014.

I came back from organizing committee meeting of one of my friends who was preparing to wed his beautiful wife. My wife served my food and immediately went back to bed because she complained she was not strong. I understood because she was about five months pregnant at the time. I put on the generating set to inspect the work my electrician did for me in the house earlier in the day. I was admiring the lighting points, how bright and beautiful they were. Suddenly I heard noise at the fence.

As I turned round to see what was happening, I was confused at what I saw: I saw two young men with AK 47 riffle each, double magazine. One was already inside the compound, helping the other man on the fence to hold his gun. I did not understand what was happening. At that level in my life, I did not expect that any person could come to rob me, talk more of four young men coming for me, well prepared with AK-47!. Two of the men positioned outside the compound with AK-47 riffles as well while two came in.

I was just starting out in life. I got married to my wife the previous year, I literally had nothing any person could come to steal at that level. I was completely confused and consumed in fear. I took off, thinking that they did not see me but the man on the fence actually saw me and quickly grabbed back his gun and shot me. I heard the first gunshot but did not hear the second shot. I realized that I had been shot on my hip when I ran but could not move my legs any more. I fall on the ground.

They came and pointed their guns on my head as they asked me where I kept the money. I didn’t know what to do, afraid that they might shoot me again, I asked them to call my wife from the house. Already she heard the noise and was coming out but saw the men outside and quickly jammed the door but the men pushed the door to open but could not, one of them stepped back and shot two times at the door. The bullets pierced the door and shattered her leg. She slumped on her pool of blood. They pushed the door open and stepped into the parlor. They asked her where the money was, she told them, there was no money in the house. That they were free to carry anything they like.

They dragged my wife’s younger sister staying with us outside to where I lay down and asked me to direct her to where I kept the money. I directed the girl to my wallet inside the trouser I wore that day. They were surprised when I mentioned “wallet”. They asked: “And how much is in the wallet?”. I told them #4000 naira. They were confused. One looked at the other. They were quiet for some minutes. When the girl made to go bring the money from the wallet, they asked her not to go. One of them returned the phone they had picked from the table inside my parlor and they jumped the fence and left as quickly as they came They were remoresful and seemed sorry for their actions.

But their remoresfulness was rather too late. We almost died. Two bullets were shot through my back and shattered my hip bone. In fact I transited on the third day of the attack but was miraculously sent back. I had a glimpse of how the other side of existence looks like. The same day, my wife had miscarriage and lost our first blood. We’re in the hospital for six months. Life was hell. It took us more than three years to fully recover. We were being pushed around in wheelchairs . From wheelchairs to crutches and from there to walking stick and finally we were able to walk again. I had the first surgery where a metal was planted into my body to connect the broken bones and I had another surgery a year after to remove the metal. The financial cost on me was more than two million naira. Family, friends and relatives helped.

Those men were manipulated. The intention was to kill me and to destroy my family. The whole plot was revealed to me and my wife, one month before the attack and we prayed and fasted to avert it. The man who masterminded the manipulation was equally revealed to me. The night it was revealed to my wife in a dream that I died, she woke up crying. It was so real to her. She turned and embraced me and was crying. She went to the parlor and prayed for two hours, came back to the room and prayed till day break.

What the Astral spirit avatars did through the vicious occult powers was to project into the bodies of the armed robbers, possess them, use them to carry out the attack and left them immediately the mission was accomplished. At that point they felt sorry because the actions they took were psychic manipulated.

Today, the man that was revealed to me as one who orchestrated the manipulation is restless. He is always uncomfortable wherever he see me. He can’t stand my presence this days. If we are coming from opposite direction, he’ll do everything possible to avoid me; either he takes a different route or he diverts to another place for me to pass. If I am approaching and there is no way he can take a walk, he brings out his phone and start pressing as if he wants to make a call. I knew he is an Occultic man and a sadist as well but the attack came too early. I wasn’t prepared enough but God fought for me.

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