We Will Vote PDP All The Way—Obuohia People

By Ikenga Chronicles February 12, 2019

We Will Vote PDP All The Way—Obuohia People

The people of Obuohia Obi-Ibere in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State have pledged to cast all their votes for the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP),during the forthcoming general elections.

The people made this pledge during a townhall meeting held on February 11,2019, at the Women’s Hall of Obuohia.

The meeting which had the member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia North/South federal constituency, Rep. Sam Onuigbo present, was an opportunity for the people to thank the honourable member and the PDP for always bearing Obuohia people in mind. 

Speaking during the the townhall meeting, Chief Nwabueze Abbah, who drew the attention of the people to the fact that their son, Rep. Sam Onuigbo, was the one who prevented the community from being cut off from civilization by attracting the massive erosion control work at Okwe Oboro, thanked the lawmaker and the PDP for tenaciously putting the development of the community in their plans. He recalled how the same Rep. Onuigbo attracted the reconstruction of the Itunta/Elemaga bridge which had collapsed for over twelve years and stated that in view of that and more, the people of Obuohia had vowed that all their votes must go to all PDP candidates.

In her speech, the National Vice President of the Obuohia Obi-Ibere Development Union(women’s wing), Mrs. Akum Oruh thanked Chief Onuigbo for always attracting people-impacting projects to the community. She recalled how as a staff of the American Embassy, Rep. Onuigbo, in 2001, attracted the construction of a block of classrooms to the village which ultimately led to the establishment of the first secondary school in the community. Mrs Oruh reminded the people of the contributions of Rep. Onuigbo, Senator T.A Orji and the PDP government to the building of the women’s hall and called for special prayers for Rep. Onuigbo for empowering their sons and daughters with jobs, motorcycles, grinding machines, scholarships, and most importantly, for the attention the community’s cottage hospital is receiving. She stated that without the intervention of Rep. Onuigbo, it would have been difficult for the women to access markets and urban areas, if the erosion at the Okwe-Obuohia road had cut off the village. Mrs Oruh pledged on behalf of the women that the entire women of Obuohia will vote massively for the PDP in appreciation of the party’s love for the community.

In his speech, the President of the Obuohia Obi-Ibere Youth Movement, Mr. Okechukwu Dickson said for the youths, there was never any argument as to which party to vote for. He said that being fully aware of all that their son Sam Onuigbo had done in the three local government areas he represents, the youths are proud of him and had since decided to ensure that he is re-elected. Mr. Dickson used the opportunity to thank the lawmaker for empowering the youths and requested that when re-elected, Rep. Onuigbo should ensure that the already budgeted construction of the road that passes through Obuohia will be executed. 

Rep. Onuigbo in his speech said it gave him immense pleasure to come and spend time with his people. He pointed out that he grew up in the village and has always remained in touch with the people, hence he is always aware of the particular pressing needs of the people. Rep. Onuigbo said that because he is always in touch with the needs of the people, he is always working hard on how to solve those problems. He promised to continue to work hard to ensure that all the pressing needs of his people are addressed.

Highlight of the meeting was the issuance of a communiqué by the people, stating  their total support for all PDP candidates.