Obasanjo’s Nigerian Dream: A Nightmare

By Ikenga Chronicles August 10, 2019

Obasanjo’s Nigerian Dream: A Nightmare

–Dr. Vitus Ozoke

Matthew Obasanjo may have finally lost his damn mind. I have never met a worse arrogant and presumptuous old man. Obasanjo is setting up a technical committee to come up with a draft document to reflect the Nigeria of his (Obasanjo’s) dream.

Here’s the first term of reference Obasanjo has given to this committee: “To present a draft of ‘The Nigerian Dream’ based on my reflections and suggestions on the subject as contained in the attached booklet”

That’s how insanely arrogant this man is. Matthew Obasanjo believes he knows more than everyone else. He sees himself as holding the moral and intellectual key and roadmap to Nigeria’s future and destiny. Which explains why he did everything he could to undermine the Constitution in his desperate quest for a third term and to perpetuate himself in power.

For some strange reason, Obasanjo, even at 82, still engages in self-masturbatory indulgence to stimulate his grand messianic delusion. He can’t just seem to make peace with himself and accept the reality that he is no longer intellectually potent – if he ever was.

The Nigeria of Obasanjo’s dream indeed. What will that El Dorado look like? For starters, it will be a cesspool of corruption. Don’t ask me, ask BBC’s Hard Talk interrogator, Stephen Sackur, who called Obasanjo the “Grandfather of corruption in Nigeria” to his face, and Obasanjo couldn’t challenge that.

The Nigeria of Obasanjo’s dream will be a Nigeria where leaders will desperately seek to change the rules and the Constitution to get a third term and perpetuate themselves in office. It will be a Nigeria where entire communities, like Odi and Zakibiam, are obliterated on the orders of a mercurial president. The Nigeria of Obasanjo’s dream will be a grand scam where $16Billion will disappear from the national treasury for a boondoggle power program. It will be a Nigeria where the murder of the Attorney General will remain an unsolved and unresolved mystery.

Truth is that the Nigeria of Matthew Obasanjo’s dream will be a major nightmare. Obasanjo’s dream is a movie we have already watched. It’s a Gothic horror. It doesn’t end well. Luckily, that dream, that Nigeria, will never materialize. This is just another one of Obasanjo’s many gimmicky antics to stay relevant and part of the national conversation. He will go to any lengths to make Nigeria about himself. That’s how selfishly delusional he is.

Left to Obasanjo, seeing as there’s no path back to Aso Rock for him, he will set up a parallel government out of Ottah. Does he even realize that he is no longer president? I will not bet against the possibility that Obasanjo still believes himself to be the president of Nigeria. In that Nigeria of his dream, for which he has set up a technical committee, Obasanjo sees himself as president, and the committee members as his cabinet. I just hope he realizes that it is felonious to attempt to set up a parallel government. He better.

Obasanjo is old idea. And so is Buhari, don’t get me wrong. But we can’t sprint from the flying pan to fire. Nigeria needs a new direction, not just a detour – a complete exit ramp to a whole new highway. Yes, a new national dream is needed, but it must be a dream without the hounding specter of Obasanjo lurking in the closet.

The Nigerian dream should not contain the phantasmagoria of the old woods who have, through their conspired prebendal profligacy, wasted and mortgaged the future and fortunes of the collective. We must wake up from that dream to watch, in reality, the isolation and timeout of the geriatric generation of bad grandpas of Nigerian political elite in the quarantines of senescence.