Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, Jonathan, Buhari: Who Is The Best?

By Ikenga Chronicles April 13, 2018

Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, Jonathan, Buhari: Who Is The Best?

–Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba,

All of the recent past presidents sinned against Nigeria. All have managed the affairs of Nigeria badly and all are/were ordinary Nigerians, no exceptional intelligence.

But that is what we should expect from any one we elect to the presidency. If we accept the bell curve theory, we would expect that about 90% of Nigerians fall into the center of the Bell Curve and only 10% (or so) fall at the extreme ends of intelligence and stupidity. So the chances of electing “the very best” is very low.

What has distinguished OBJ, Yar’ Adua and GEJ is the fact that all three tried to recognize their weaknesses AND tried to make up for them by appointing knowledgeable people into their administrations. Especially positions at key parts of the government: Central Bank, Economy, Finance, Education, heads of Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, for example. PMB on the other hand could not find any capable hand except for Mrs. Adeosun at Finance.

The second difference is that all but PMB listened to those they appointed and took their advice seriously. But PMB does not listen to the advice of his appointed stooges. The single capable hand that PMB found, he saw as belonging to “the bedroom and kitchen.”

If anybody doubts the above paragraph let him/her point out a standout minister in PMB’s administration.

Who is Nigeria’s Foreign Minister at this point? I have a hard time remembering his name and a harder time recalling his picture. Yet the Secretary of State is usually the face of an administration to the world.

PMB is supposed to be fighting corruption. Has anybody seen an excel worksheet that shows people accused of looting, how much was recovered, who were brought to court and found guilty, who was cleared and the total amount of recovered funds? This kind of worksheet can be prepared by any staff accountant straight out of any accounting school in his/her first year of service. Yet after 3 years of war on corruption, PMB does not have any interim report.

If I were to rank our recent presidents it will go like this:

Gold: OBJ
Silver: Yar’ Adua/GEJ
Copper/Mud: PMB


  • Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba writes from Boston,Massachusetts