Now That The Imo Guber Review Is Here

By Ikenga Chronicles February 17, 2020

Now That The Imo Guber Review Is Here

— By Tai Emeka Obasi

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court sets a foot into history – review a case they already gave verdict on. It hasn’t happened in recent times.

But that history will be complete if they end up reversing that judgment. And they have to.

Forget about the threats from the international community. Forget about the sanctions and visa bans. The CJN, Tanko Mohammed and his crew have a date with destiny. They delivered a judgment that defied every form of legal and technical logic. They just have to own up and retrace a huge mistake.

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Great is any leader who can recognise his/her mistake and even greater is the one that can say, ‘I am sorry.’ By agreeing to review, you already acknowledged a mistake. Don’t listen to orders from above and come shy of saying, ”we are sorry.”

Forget the rantings of the members of APC, especially their national chairman, who daily exposes our level of decay to the watching world with his utterly disgusting utterances. The judgment was faulty and no amount of legal jargon can straighten such huge blunder.

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If you had ordered a re-run based on the former governor allegedly not having the constitutional spread of 25% of 2/3, none would have been part of any protest. But right now, even that judgment would be faulty. Why? Because the present governor, whom you bizarrely catapulted from 4th to 1st place, has all the ruthless advantages should any re-run happen in the face of almost all members of the State House decamping to APC, a party that couldn’t win a single seat in the Assembly election held same day.

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Any re-run, if it suits you to toe that line has to be between the man that came first and that who came third, since the man who came second voluntarily withdrew his petition before your initial judgment. The man who came fourth should retain his position as INEC, who conducted the election, rejected and still reject the 388 ward results he cooked up.

As per prophecies of some men of God, the less talked about it the better. Even at that, the prophecy has been fulfilled. It’s now the time to do the right thing.

We await history as tomorrow comes. Great men always go for positive history. And I believe the CJN and members of his Supreme Court would all want to go positive for a change.