Now That Kanu Has Withdrawn His Fatwa On Nwodo

By Tai Emeka Obasi July 6, 2020

Now That Kanu Has Withdrawn His Fatwa On Nwodo

ATTN: Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

Finally, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has shown he could listen to voice of reason.

I have been mercilessly attacked by IPOB members, especially those that operate in Igboist Facebook Group, for anything I write that doesn’t completely align with MNK’s idea of actualising Biafra. I have equally been unruly attacked by the other side of the extremists that call MNK all manner of names.

So, clearly, anything you write on today’s Biafra, you’re in for acid attacks. Mana agaghi eji maka mgbagbu wee ghalu ogu(But we can’t shy away from war simply because lives are lost in the course of it).

Let those unduly attacking Kanu hear me very clearly – MNK is a hero. Hate his methods or not, stop ridiculing that very courageous Igbo man. I’m in the media business and I know what it means to garner millions of followers all over the world with very simple but quite aggressive manner of communication.

You think it is easy, try it. You think it is easy to set up a radio station received everywhere on the surface of the earth, what’s stopping you from setting up yours? You think Kuje Prison is a tourist shop, why don’t you visit it for two years duration? You think escaping assassination by combined forces of the Operation Python Dance was a comedy stunt, why not try it on Okey Bakassi show? You think beating all the national security agencies to cool off in Israel until he was ready for the next stage of the struggle was a fluke, why not ask relatives of Suka Buka Dimka?

You think setting up such communication house in London while the Nigerian government has him on most wanted list is piece of cake, then you need an advanced course in international relations.

You think broadcasting every day to whole world audience while looking over his shoulders for assassin’s bullets the Nigerian security agencies could engage is a fluke, you need to read top level spy books.

Above all, you think living a life in exile is any Christmas vacation, go and read books on and by Ikemba.

The feats that man from Afaraukwu in Abia State has achieved are not of mere mortals. Let it sink in that even enemies admire and envy Kanu.

But unfortunately, many Igbo people don’t see how far this man has come. They don’t see how deeply he has suffered. Physically, Emotionally, Financially. They don’t. They only come out with calculators now to check how much his followers contribute monthly. Ndi ogbalu ulu agbaghu oghom! He garnered those followers. They believe in him and so contribute. Allow them to complain before you call their leader a fraudster.

As far as I’m concerned, Nigeria is a fraud. And we need MNK and IPOB, provided they never take laws into their hands and become violent.

Biafra shouldn’t die! It shouldn’t because Nigeria has failed and people like me need a country to call mine. I don’t have the guts to try all Kanu has achieved. I will hence be extremely stupid to condemn his mission.

I notice the excesses of MNK and I ignore most because I’m attracted more to his mission. Is the mission right? 100% right! Could the method be fine-tuned? 100% fact!

But on quarreling with his methods, one must note that it was same method that ensnared his numerous followers in the first place. According to sources, these followers contribute monthly to the cause and he has obligations to them. If these contributors like his methods, how do you think it’s possible that those of us that do not contribute can change those methods?

Any day Dr. Nnia Nwodo unjustly attacks the leader of IPOB, I will fight back on MNK’s side.

Now, it’s time for the IPOB leader and his followers to listen.

The IPOB leader’s call to have the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo President General stoned to death was very uncalled for and deservedly got the worldwide condemnation.

MNK, while withdrawing the very unnecessary command said it was Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe that made him withdraw the ‘Fatwa.’

Thank God there is at least one man that can talk to the IPOB leader without being branded a saboteur. I now beg the people’s senator to advise MNK further…

  1. That he, MNK, should henceforth engage a very competent media team of not more than three that should go through all scripts of his broadcasts to fine-tune them before he goes to the studio. He must learn the skills of garnering international friends with his worldwide broadcasts.
  2. That he must never bring religion into any other broadcast relating to Biafra. People like me may convert to traditional religion as I believe it is the first major step towards de-colonising my subconscious. Who is Kanu to tell me not to?
  3. That he must henceforth resist the urge to ever command for violence or the international community will start seeing him as a terrorist. Only terrorists order for actions like stoning one to death.
  4. He must not make statements that will portray his struggles for the actualisation of Biafra as a private enterprise.
  5. He should henceforth be broad-minded in accepting criticisms and resist the urge to attack fellow Biafrans as much as, or even more than, the ‘enemy.’
  6. That there are many people who are as Biafran as he is that are not members of IPOB but wish him well and pray for his success. He shouldn’t disillusion this set with his abrasive attacks on his fellow crusaders.
  7. That ndi Igbo politicians, especially those at the centre, are not all fools and many are contributing positively to the well-being of Biafrans. Hence blanketing all of them into the saboteur basket is a very unwise practice.
  8. He should desist from making more enemies for Biafra than friends with his blanket condemnation of other tribes.
  9. That there have been enough talking tough that people now want to notice more action that will lead to feasible actualisation of the goal.
    That he has a tool worth billions of pounds sterling with radio Biafra and those listening in. He must step up a gear with this very powerful tool to get to his mission.
  10. That the future of further struggles for Biafra lies in his hands as how he manages the magnificent awareness he has painstakingly created henceforth will determine whether Biafra will truly live on.