North Korea Publicly  Executes Thieves, Prostitutes 

By Ikenga Chronicles July 20, 2017

North Korea Publicly  Executes Thieves, Prostitutes 

Reports have revealed that North Korea carried out public execution of thieves and prostitutes in river banks, school grounds and marketplaces in violation of human rights.

The discovery was made by The Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG), on Wednesday  which based its findings  on interviews with 375 North Korean defectors from the isolated state over a period of two years.

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Recall that that  TJWG is made up of human rights activists and researchers and is led by Lee Younghwan, who has worked as an advocate for human rights in North Korea.

The TJWG report aims to document the locations of public killings and mass burials, which it says had not been done previously.

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“The maps and the accompanying testimonies create a picture of the scale of the abuses that have taken place over decades,” the group said.

TJWG said its project to map the locations of mass graves and executions has the potential to contribute to documentation that could back the push for accountability and future efforts to bring the North to justice.

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It said executions are carried out in prison camps to incite fear and intimidation among potential escapees, and public executions are carried out for seemingly minor crimes, including the theft of farm produce such as corn and rice.

UN member countries urged the Security Council in 2014 to consider referring North Korea and its leader to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, as alleged in a Commission of Inquiry report.