Nope, Donald Trump Is Not A Racist

By Ikenga Chronicles July 18, 2019

Nope, Donald Trump Is Not A Racist

— Dr. Vitus Ozoke

You know what they say about not judging a book by its cover? Well, don’t judge a post by its title. Of course, Donald Trump is a racist. The world knows it; the courts have since taken judicial notice of it; and, just yesterday, the United States Congress took legislative notice of it as well. So, Donald, the son of Fred Trump (another racist), is a genetically marrow-deep, dyed-in-the-wool, racist.

But knowing that Donald Trump is a racist, and openly calling him a racist, is like calling Satan a devil. Those who call Satan a devil may think and believe they are disparaging and destroying him, but they are not. You can’t disparage and destroy Satan by calling him a devil, because evil and devilry constitute the whole idea and essence of Satanism.

Thank You America and Let Us Do More

So, Donald Trump is as a racist as Satan is the devil. Neither is, or feels, disparaged by being called who they are. As a matter of fact, calling Donald Trump a racist is a character boost. And that is a problem. It is a problem, not for Donald Trump obviously; it is a problem for the rest of society.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, society’s interests are better served by a purposeful denial of the racist accolade to Donald Trump. So this may just be one situation where America and the world are urged to live in willful denial – a conscious denial of an obvious truth. The truth of knowing that Trump is a racist but denying to oneself that he is. Which begs the obvious question why?

You see, before Donald Trump, adultery and philandering were social taboos. They violated the normative order, and society punished them with heavy social sanctions. Post Trump, the American society is conflicted, contradicted, and confused about the place of serial adultery and philandering in the moral equation.

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It would have been totally inconceivable that a man who bragged and admitted to the basest level of moral existence would be allowed the company of decent society, let alone the leadership of the free world. But here you have a man who voluntarily, without any form of duress, boasted and admitted to sexual abuse of women in the grossest and most grotesque of forms, occupying the American Whitehouse and fumbling and fucking up thousand decent years of tradition and tenets.

Time was, and that time was more recent than immemorial, when forging common causes with the commies was a treasonable felony in American social order. Today a Russian asset, acquired by Vladimir Putin in an open bid, occupies the American Whitehouse, roiling and rolling back every gain of the Cold War. Lying used to be a disqualifier in American public life. Today, a man who vends and traffics on both retail and wholesale lies, with high daily turnover, is occupying the American Whitehouse.

Yes, Melania We Do Care

Before Trump, American war heroes were gods. For good measure, America worshipped her war heroes. An attack on an American war hero was a social capital offense for which there was hell to pay. Today, a coward who corruptly lied his way out of military service, who attacked and has continued to attack one of the greatest American war heroes, is occupying the commission of commander-in-chief.

A man who pays and sleeps with prostitutes is occupying the American Whitehouse. A man who is actively destroying NATO and America’s other strategic alliances, as part of an obvious commie compact, is occupying the American Whitehouse. A man who is heartlessly breaking up families, kidnapping children from their parents and locking them up in cages of filth and squalor, where they are dying, is occupying the American Whitehouse.

TRUMP TOWER: The Next Trumbling Statue

Donald Trump has broken all the rules. He has destabilized, distorted, and disrupted America’s essential moral center to the point where everything has fallen apart and the center no longer holds. America’s moral core has so shifted that she has lost her soul and moral self in a complete desensitized coma. She has been raped and ripped bare of her essential worth, values, and dignity.

And Donald Trump has done all these to the warm embrace and roaring alleluia applause of the American Christian evangelical community. In Donald Trump’s America, right has traded places with wrong; evil has ascended the moral alter where an amoral man serves as priest. Rape is now rap; adultery is now adoration; commie is now community; and lie is life. We are now living a reverse morality.

Every guardrail of America’s social existence has been breached. Behaviors that were once thought to be anathemas have become anniversaries. Racism, that moral debt on White conscience that has served to fund America’s cross-cultural coexistence, is about to join the long list of victims of forgiven and forgotten bad behaviors. Racism is about to fall the next victim of America’s reversed existence.

The tragedy of Trump’s America is the sheer banality of evil. One man is so evil that he makes evil sexy, and taboos tolerable. Every good thing Donald Trump touches dies, and every bad thing he sows and owns lives. Racism is one bad that America must not allow Donald Trump to own. A racist Trump, like a rapist Trump, will triumph, and racism, like rape, will cease to attract social revulsion. Donald Trump must not be allowed to be racist; otherwise, racism dies. It will not die by extinction. No, it will die by social normalization. So, no, Donald Trump is not a racist.