Nnamdi Kanu: In The Belly Of A Ship

By Ikenga Chronicles July 10, 2018

Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

It was reported;

Nnamdi Kanu is arbitrarily being detained; held captive in a watery hull of steel, off the coast of Nigeria, by the Nigerian government!

He was not convicted of any crimes. Yet the Nigerian government deemed it fit to kidnap and imprison him on a ship; just like their predecessor of British colonial provenance did to Jaja of Opobo, for opposing their overreach.

It was reported;

That he is being detained in a Navy Ship off the coasts of Bayelsa state.

He is in the belly of a ship; just like Jonah was in the belly of a whale.

Alarming: Where Govt Is Holding Nnamdi Kanu Revealed

He is being detained after being kidnapped by the Nigerian army, on the orders of Muhammadu Buhari.

Prior to his being kidnapped, he was on trial: accused of treason. The Nigerian government was the prosecution. The court process was in progress. The court granted him bail. He was in his home on bail, when Buhari sent in the army to grab this one man; just like the Pharisees and scribes sent the army to arrest a praying Jesus, at the Garden of Gethsemane.

The government knew that her case was as watery as akamu, and as porous as the mouth of the village gossip. She was so very afraid that she cannot win that case on its merits. She swung into action. She kidnapped the young man and eviscerated his family.

Nothing was heard of Kanu until words made the rounds on Twitter, that Kanu is being held on a Nigerian Navy Ship, off the coast of Bayelsa.The Nigerian government that has been terrorizing those who stood surety for his bail, seem to know where their captive was all along.

The Significance Of Biafra–Emeka Ugwuonye

The government kept quiet. No statement in reaction to that leak.

And Nigerians are keeping quiet. It is normal. Nigerians have been brutalized into assuming a bovine posture when it comes to injustice. They are only programmed to bleat like a herd of sheep, when their food source is touched.

The government knew this. She knows her subjects too well. She knew that only a few would raise their voices. She knew that no journalist would dare ask them about Nnamdi Kanu in the light of the recent leaks. She knew that the journalists are simply brown-envelope mercenaries that dance to the tune,from the piper that pays. She knew the bones to throw the way of the so-called watchdogs.

And those who strut our national stage as our unelected consciences? Well, they went AWOL on this one. They are always MIA (Missing In Action), save when their pockets or alimentary canals call. They care only about stomach infrastructure, but pretend to be voices of conscience.

Presidency Reveals The Real Cause Of Farmers-Herders’ Clash

It is Nnamdi Kanu today. It will be you tomorrow.Praising and enabling a tiger that ate your neighbor today, is empowering the tiger that will eat you tomorrow. That has been the lesson of history. All the so called voices of Nigerian conscience, have gone mute. Mr. Buhari and his goons; should know that conscience will never allow us to cease asking the question:

Where is Nnamdi Kanu?

Senseless Killings: The Political Obituary Of Buhari’s Presidency

For those who think that shutting Nnamdi Kanu up through arbitrary, unconstitutional means is the way to go, you have a surprise awaiting you. Over and above the fact that you are a bunch of immoral buffoons; the beast you empower to prey on the fundamental freedoms of someone you disagree with, will certainly come for your own fundamental freedoms, on that day you would dare disagree with him.

Gwazia ndi yard unu!

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