Nigeria’s Resurrection Day

By Ikenga Chronicles August 12, 2017

Nigeria’s Resurrection Day

–By Paschal Nwosu

Let me speak to your undying spirit,the open wound that is your conscience .

Your human mind

I speak to fellow Nigerians; that this impious generation has perverted and betrayed the dreams of our founding fathers and laid in ruins all hopes of it’s revival.

More than 50 years of independence you have squandered, one trillion dollars from Internally Generated Revenues, oil and gas including four hundred million pounds in aids and still remained a beggar country.

We grope in darkness every night!

Nothing works. Corruption is at a premium, morality at discount.

Today you are a pagan nation, in spite of your claims to religiosity.

You lay a false claim to Christianity, but steal from the poor, engage in human sacrifices, demonism, ritualism , sexual perversions and prostitution.

You hate your neighbour more than yourself and plunder the resources of your country.

You claim you are a Muslim, but you are not better than an Idolater, a pagan and a thief.

Islam is a peaceful religion but you violate its tenets.

How many millions would die before you rest from your greed for aimless power and foolish things?

You make war to make profits, you sound the alarum to kill your Christian neighbour; you pervert the laws of Allah; one law for the poor another for the rich.

There you are caught with two prostitutes, not your wives in a dingey hotel room; yet you implement the Sharia and stand with the Umar!

Muslims go on Hajj to worship Allah but you contraband your women as prostitutes to the Holy lands to distract and debase them for money.

How many Nigerian muslims have been beheaded In Saudi Arabia for drug related offences?

How many deported, for prostitution?

You export beggars to the holy land and make money from your impiety.

You armed fellow ‘believers’ to kill the kaffirs who relied on their neighbours for peace and love.

You imposed a sick man on the country, using his good name to dream of power in the hope he would die and surrender it to you for no other purposes but primitive acquisition of wealth and self aggrandizement!

Are there no younger men in Arewa who love their country, not born to misrule but a mind feeble with age, struggling to be free ?

You have spent N800b in two years on a war you started for gain; begging worldwide for IDPs and using a hundred million to cut grasses in their camps.

You have refused to resettle them as a means to the drain .

You have reaped from the fraud war.

You have torn this country apart with your new song calling for greater pogroms.

You know you can only be relevant in a state of chaos.

You have kept your people in chains; from being educated.

They have no rights.

You kill women for going to schools and lay siege on the minds of the little ones.

Our hopes , are like withered flowers on a fresh grave.

There lies buried the dreams of a great nation.


We have not given up!

These chains are not for us; not the fancy bracelets you called them!

We are waiting now on resurrection day.

But first you must die.