Nigerians You Must Know Your Rights And Understand The Basic Process Of Rap!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 20, 2020

Nigerians You Must Know Your Rights And Understand The Basic Process Of Rap!

— Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

Miscarriage of justice stems from accused not having good legal defence, having made statements to the police without thinking of the implications and the police officer, fitting the suspects to crimes, they did not commit!

In Nigeria, it has become common place to see suspects presented to the press to confess their crimes before they were even charged. This happens because most third world police officers are illiterates and they lack common sense and are overly ambitious to get recommendations for solving crimes in bid to get promotions.

If you are arrested, remember you are about to lose your freedom and may be your life!

A black American man spent 30 years behind bar for a crime of rape and murder he never committed but DNA test later proved he was never the perpetrator of the crime. In the fifties there was no DNA to prove his innocence hence he spent 30 years in jail and by the time he came out, he was too old to start a family or build a future. He was compensated but money cannot buy happiness!

Today, l want to tell the Nigerian people not to be a victim of the bad policing, l see every day live on television.

The IG of police was given so much accolade, that he worked in the police most highest police international office in Europe and that he has this degree and that degree but you see abuse of human rights every day by the Nigerian police force and officers.

I was so angry, when l left the university and returned to Nigeria in 1978, my first port of call was the Moloney Police Headquarters to join the police force. I was recruited and was sent a letter for reporting for training in the North but Mobil oil dangled an employment officer, that l could not refuse. However, l was determined to contribute anyway possible because at the university, law was my minor and my lecturer felt that l would make a fine lawyer and she told me to switch the law study, as my major! However, almost every Nigerian l knew was studying law and hardly, anyone was studying subjects that would never guarantee you a job in Nigeria! I started with Aviation at the La Guardia Academy of Aviation and obtained advanced credits before switching to my new career study and before that was dentistry since we all knew, certain jobs would give you, income stability and better pay, l tried everything! The Nigerian man from Edo state, who created the military drone for the US had 4 PhD and six masters purely to be most successful man in a country without social benefits and horror of finding a job because in our time, there was no employment centres, you will walk miles to companies that do not need to ask the simple question, can l work for your company?

The procedure of RAP, which is an abbreviation for Report for Arrest and Prosecution, is essential for the police, state attorney, your lawyer and the judge to have basic information gathered during the investigation of a crime.


No comment, the golden word, is no magic to the phrase because it is simply, a device for a suspect to indicate that they have no intention of answering police questions. Since every word you say, is either recorded or on video and difficult to disprove by your defence. It allows the police to put questions and the interview to progress easily. An alternative, would be to stay mute for the duration of the interview, but that would only prolong matters but would leave more work for the police and you cannot be framed because the lawyer would ask for all the information gathered before the arrest to prepare your defence. I have seen suspects on Nigerian TV, interrogated live on tv by journalists and recorded by journalist on tapes without the standard warning, by the police in attendance that whatever, you say during the interview or interrogation, could and would, be used against you, in a court of law!

I used this statement printed on a card while in the service for all those l interviewed for evasion or avoidance of tax or fraud because it is their right to know their human rights.

Think about, it is common sense that if you regurgitate everything and by doing so, you leave no room for your lawyer, who should be contacted before you open your mouth to talk to the police, to defend you, what has he to defend?

This is not to say, you should lie to the police but is it relevant to the case or it has implications, this is why, you need a defence by a lawyer! The police in Nigeria are uninterested in your rights hence you must know your right because the police officers in Nigeria are ignorant of the law because they are not lawyers but trained police officers who are largely illiterates. One was interviewed by the Boko haram and was from the north and in uniform, was such an illiterate, it was an embarrassment to call him, a police officer!

The decision whether to answer police questions or make no comment replies in police interview, can be a difficult one. There are many different views on these considerations to consider because of the obvious implications. The U.K. police force demanded the changes brought in by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, many more suspects are advised to answer police questions than previously allowed. The common sense thing is to answer questions that have no direct implications with regards to indictments, for an offence. It could leave no room for the lawyer to defend you!

Magistrates’ or a jury to draw conclusions, from a “no comment interview” in certain circumstances, could be daunting and creates opportunities for the defence lawyer to provide evidence to correct the wrong impression the police case or report, could damage your defence.

There are four conditions, including whether an accused failed to mention a fact later relied on in their defence and whether it was reasonable at the time for the accused to have mentioned, this fact in interview or on charge.

Therefore the legal advice is subject to legal privilege and cannot be disclosed because of the relevance to RAP!

There is still, however, a place for the no comment interview but you are best advised to seek independent legal advice, from a specialist solicitor or accredited police station representative before making the decision not to answer questions, in police interview. An advice suggesting that you reply no comment, to police questions will be in your best interests.

Arrest warrant
This in Nigeria is the most horrible and disgraceful abuse of the human rights law in Nigeria.

Day in day out, you see the police in Nigeria burst into suspects houses and arrest them without a warrant and search their homes. One pregnant woman last month was dragged naked and beaten at her home before being driven to the police station without any warrant! She was accused of being an armed robber and treated like a gangster! What if this woman lost her baby? What if it led to her death? What legal rights have the police to be so barbaric? They could care less! She is poor, lack knowledge of her human rights and there are no witnesses that would dare stand up to tell any court, what they saw or any pro bono lawyer, genuine to come forth and defend these poor people hence the power drunk semi illiterate police officers get away with their crimes.

What is arrest warrant or search warrant?

An arrest warrant is an official document, signed by a judge (or magistrate), which authorizes a police officer to arrest the person or people named in the warrant. Warrants typically identify the crime for which an arrest has been authorized, and may restrict the manner in which an arrest may be made or carried out!

The police in Nigeria would go to an hotel and arrest residents in the hotel without any warrant because they had information that gay people patronise the hotel or prostitutes use the hotel for prostitution! To them these power drunk buffoons are the judge and jury, they act like gangsters and mentally deranged people!

It reminded me of the Oginni massacre where a yoruba military captain was telling journalists, how they slaughtered civilians by raiding their homes and be heading and shooting civilians that had nothing to do with the insurgency! The films showing the massacre was so brutal that it could be seen as, the military officers macabre slaughter showed the well known fact, we have truly kill and go, deranged army!

One woman was in her kitchen cooking her meal when these soldiers burst in, without warning, cut her head off and just walked out of the bungalow!

This woman was not carrying a gun, was preparing a meal and was no threat to no one!

Nigerian army is full of barbaric illiterates too and they do not understand the basic fact that we tax payers pay their salaries through taxation for them to protect us! They are worse than the police!

An arrest warrant is a warrant issued by a judge or magistrate on behalf of the state, which authorizes the arrest and detention of an individual, or the search and seizure of an individual’s property. No one cares about the actual practices off-the-police officers who are more of a criminal than the criminal gangsters in the community!

When the government decided to do the basic thing, to negotiate with the rivers insurgency group, they paid them millions of dollars and the victims who lost their mothers, fathers or children killed for absolutely, no reasons were not compensated!

When an arrest warrant is issued, the suspect named on the warrant can be arrested at anytime, anywhere an officer notices them. It doesn’t matter what they are doing at the time. … Outstanding arrest warrants are arrest warrants that have yet to be served by law enforcement officials.

The in Nigeria they will drag you with excrement still in your bum to finish shitting in their dirty jail with no regard to the despicable approach, they put you through! Former Senator Melaye is the authority on this brutality and has not made any recommendations for this barbaric use of force .

Police must convince a neutral judge that, more likely than not, a crime has been committed and the subject of the warrant was involved.

Finally, some warrants also specify the bail that a defendant must post to regain freedom following arrest. Not in Nigeria, there are children and adults in Nigerian police jail locked up for years without the option of bail or even charge because they have not paid bribe to gain their freedom. One police superintendent based in Festac town was reported to have detained a woman, who came to report rape and was again raped by this gorilla. The police prefer ignorant fools as police officers purely for control because they are tools not for security but for collecting bribes for self enrichment! The oga at the top syndrome!

If the warrant is for a previous failure of the suspect to appear in court—called a bench warrant—it will probably specify that the arrested person may not be released on bail at all (sometimes termed a “no-bail warrant”).

All these your lawyer should immediately resolve hence l recommend every family to have a legal representative, an address of a pro bono lawyer or at least have the address of Mr. Magic lawyer – master of legal human rights lawyer – chief honourable Falana or one fabulous lawyer called Filani, with such legal proficiency hard to find in Nigeria!

Please know your rights,

Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan
Founder of the reform party of Nigeria