Nigerians Are Really Smart Despite Hertz Fauzan’s Response

By Ikenga Chronicles April 22, 2019

Nigerians Are Really Smart Despite Hertz Fauzan’s Response

—Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba,

Happy Easter. Christ is risen indeed! I open this essay with these lines just to roil Mr. Adiele, Onuorah and Eniola, to get them to the boiling point. Mr. Adiele is an atheist and the story of the risen Christ gets him going. This essay is not about Mr. Adiele’s religion but about Hertz Fauzan’s Response to “Nigerians are really smart”. ( and Mr. Adiele’s support of the idiocy Fauzan displayed ( . Onuorah ( 

All (Fauzan, Adiele, Eniola) castigate Nigerians with poorly reasoned essays and failed to provide critical details in the comparisons. All even went further by calling Nigerians dumb. I intend to put my observations side by side with Fauzan/Adiele/Eniola versions just to show how unreasonable they have been. This will make this essay rather long so bear with me.

 1.   Packaging.Fauzan wrote: ”I will tell you for free that you cannot match a Nigerian man’s acting. Not in their movies, those have gone downhill the past few years, but in real life. Majority of city borns are taught from day one the art of “packaging”. And they call it that. They will read up on anything, dress, look like and talk like someone or something they extremely aren’t.”       

Here you get the first instance of many stereotyping in Fauzan’s essay. Packaging is not a Nigerian word and as someone who has lived in the West for about half a century I can prove that packaging is as American as Apple Pie. Look at many people who imitate stars: athletic, movie, models etc. in their dressing, dancing, speech etc. Copying Michael Jackson is a prime example. There are even departments called public relations whose sole job is to package their image. Nigerians are at best just par for this course. 

2.   Adaptation.

Nigeria is a rough market. It is rougher than Southern Sudan or even Somalia. Lagos is ranked 3rd most stressful city in the world. And rightfully so. The cost of doing business is sinfully high, the government is always out to get you, your entire neighborhood and family is at most times envious of you so they are always up-to some sabotage in form of witchcraft or whatever medium they find,… They in the long run appear smart, not because they indeed are smarter than you, but it is in their DNA to adapt and survive, by default. And so they do. 

Adapt and survive is in the DNA of all God’s creation, plants and animals and is not anymore a Nigerian phenomenon than that of the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, etc. But Fauzan sees it from his fuzzy lens as a characteristic peculiar to Nigerians. The same goes for the less successful being envious of the more successful. Why are we talking of taxing the rich at a higher that rate than the poor or middle class? Is this not a case of envy? 

3. Imitation

Fauzan wrote: “Majority of what Nigeria boasts about isn’t originally Nigerian. The idea of good African movies didn’t originate from Nigeria, South Africa had Generations, which till today is among the longest TV series on the continent. .. Nigerians, though, recognized an opportunity, so they replicated the Generations quality and story lines and scaled it. The same goes for Music, which is why their mainstream afro pop sound has been monotonous since R2Bees did that song with Wande coal in the early 2000’s. Everyone imitates everyone. And they ride that wave until another catchy fad comes along, and then imitate that for forever.” 

There is nothing new on earth. We copy, adapt modify, improve. That is how the world is. I will let Fauzan write my response for me: “Americans did this too, a lot. From the invention of the light bulb, to the automobile, to the writing of the Matrix trilogy. All non- American but historically credited as American inventions. Imitation. Makes you look smart.” (Fauzan)

 4. Theft.

Fauzan wrote: “Connected to the one above, some Nigerians won’t just simply plagiarize an idea and scale it. Some will just take away the entire infrastructure and use as much local power against a foreign investor as possible.”

In the world wide scale of thievery, Nigeria is a mere pick pocket. The grand thieves and the ones committing heists are Americans and Europeans. A few examples will suffice. The Europeans invaded what is now called America and stole the entire continent from the Indians and killed off a few millions of them and have since exploited the minerals and otherresources in their land. And confined them to ghettos called Indian Reservations. In 1884-1885, European powers gathered in Berlin and shared the African continent among themselves. They have gone on to steal the diamonds, gold and other minerals and as late as in our lifetime have stolen and continue to steal the oil deposits. No compensations were paid. They even carried our grandparents to help them develop both America and Europe. Go to the museums and archives and count how many African arts are on display. London, Paris, New York have been built on stolen African resources. So if a Nigerian 419ner steals $50,000 from a fool who was expecting a deposit of $3 million in his account that he hoped to steal, who is the real thief in this matter? The idea of European Union was stolen from Nkrumah who first proposed African Union but was advised by Europeans that it was not feasible. Nigerians are not thieves.


Fauzan wrote: “A Nigerian will stick to a thing until it works, sometimes it may be a dumb idea, but they will beat it into you until you accept it. I have service providers that have consistently given me bullshit until I gave up on protesting against it and accepted it. This may not be an entirely smart thing, but it is brutally efficient. And in the long run, their consistency teaches them more and then they appear smart.” I have no apologies to make for persistence. 


Fauzan wrote: “Nigerians are loud, Nigerians are extra, about everything. You must notice them. One of the most reoccurring statements from Nigerians in other foreign countries is “do you know who I am?” or “I am NIGEIRANNNN”. They wear their nationality like a badge of honor. In positions where they exist, they will amplify it.” 

My only complaint here is that Nigerians do not do this (wear their nationality) enough. If one wants to quarrel with patriotic individuals, that would be their problem, not Nigeria’s.


Fauzan wrote: “Nigerians are just very many. The odds are always tipped in the favor of the biggest numbers. If out of 100 Africans that go to American schools, 50% are Nigerians, and out of the 50%, 20 of them are straight A students, it is going to appear like Nigerians are the smartest. But it fails to take into account that there may have been 7 out of 10 Ugandans that got A’s. 6 out of 10 Rwandans, 8/10 Kenyans, 5/10 South Africans and 8/10 Somalians.

This is a typical example of lying with statistics. It is accepted that the Chinese and Indians are very smart people. The Chinese people who live in San Francisco Bay area alone outnumber the total Nigerian population In USA. If we used this logic of numbers, then the Chinese and Indians are at par with Nigerians at best. I live in Boston, the hub of academic excellence, and Nigerians are sought after by both elite high schools and colleges and the Nigerians produce the required results because their parents place emphasis on education and provide the necessary environment. (see the results from Houston of Nigerians in Houston) Some people have even proposed that Nigerians should not be counted as minority students. Fauzan and Adiele should give credit where it is due. 


Fauzan concluded: “So really, Nigerians are just like myself or any other person living in Africa. They just have a lot going for them. But believe me, they have as much dumb as they do smart people in their country. If anything, my experience inclines me to believe that the dumb ones out rank the smart one 8:2. But I digress.Enjoy your holiday…

Fauzan’s conclusion is inevitable judging from the lies he told all through his essay. Nigeria’s dumb ratio is nothing like 8:2. Nigerians are as smart as they come. Smart Nigerian’s ratio is more like 9:1.  Fauzan is simply envious, probably because he did not get his way with Nigerians. Tough Luck. 

Happy Easter. 

  • Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba writes from Boston, Massachusetts,U.S.A.