Nigerian Politicians Have Become An Albatross On The Neck Of Nigerian Governments

By Ikenga Chronicles November 25, 2019

Nigerian Politicians  Have Become An Albatross On The  Neck Of Nigerian Governments

–Dr. Wumi Akintide

A former Governor of Zamfara State is complaining that his up-keep allowance of 10 million Naira per month for doing nothing is not being paid on time.

It is because of the audacious payment of the upkeep allowances running to several million Naira a month to all past Governors of the 36 States of Nigeria and their Deputies not to talk of Senators and Legislators both at state and federal levels that I see a compelling reason to do this write-up.

The shocking development should make Nigerians lose hope that there is no light at the end of the tunnel in the American Presidential system Nigeria has plagiarized and embraced.

It is why I feel compelled to call for a bloodless coup by the Military in Nigeria to restore Nigeria back to the status quo ante bellum and to proscribe the current obnoxious 1999 Constitution which has outlived its usefulness.

It is now clear to all and sundry that Nigeria can never recover from its economic meltdown when all Nigerian transient political office holders have now become an albatross on the necks of Nigerian tax payers for life.

The development makes no sense. I can understand civil servants and staff of Parastatals and Banking Institutions drawing such gratuities and allowances .

Those allowances must not be for political office holders or appointees whose tenure is transient and short.

To then take the quantum leap and make those illegal payments the permanent burden of Government like the former Governor of Zamfara is claiming can only mean that Nigeria is in deep deep trouble.

If the situation persists, it is far better for Nigeria to break up so each State or region can pursue a policy that is in their best interest.

The current Nigeria Constitution is moribund and retrogressive to say the least. It should be thrown out.

We have got to find some ways to stop the payment of those gratuities and allowances to looters who looted the Treasuries while they were in office but still want to continue to do so while out of office.

I know politicians who might want to crucify me for taking this position but I could care less about how they feel.

They are selfish and greedy and they do not have the best interest of the Nation at heart.

I am hundred percent sure that the generation of our grandchildren and great grandchildren would not tolerate the current inequities in Nigerian system.

It is a complete waste of Nigerian resources.

We must not leave it to that generation or wait for them to start a revolution to change the situation.

We ought to do something before it is too late and while we still have the energy, the drive and the motivation and the vision to do it.

I rest my case.