Nigerian Military vs IPOB

By Ikenga Chronicles September 17, 2017

Nigerian Military vs IPOB

~ Olubunmi Akomolede Onafuwa

I really in all honesty did not want to comment on this matter simply because I cannot understand how we got to this place. Where terrorists are allowed to roam free, instigating killings and promulgating hate and threatening those who do not conform with their ideologies. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right but it is NOT an absolute right, especially in situations where the rights of others are at the risk of being contravened and violated.

I for one support a united Nigeria. It is my right to do so and I should not be persecuted because of my beliefs. It also goes to those who want a break away. However, I should not be in fear of my life because of my beliefs and the very same to those on the other side of the coin too.

We are ALL protected under the African charter and unlike other western human rights instruments, we have DUTIES and OBLIGATIONS as well. It is our COLLECTIVE duty not to violate the rights of others because they are opposed to our cause.

In a democracy, there is a process if one is to demand for something that will affect the whole nation. It is grossly unconstitutional to instil FEAR and TERROR into the minds of others to achieve this. Where does it say it is acceptable in our laws to make threats and expect those who are paid to protect the integrity of our nation as well as the Nigerian people to sit back and let it happen.

I think sometimes we allow sentiments to cloud our judgements. I’m not against the IPOB and their quest. However, I do not agree with the way they are going about it. They claim they have been marginalised. I’m not disputing the fact, but are we saying the only solution to a problem that many regions in Nigeria are facing is violence? Really?

Now to the military. I fully support the military and their quest to keep the peace and protect non IPOB members/supporters. This is their job, we cannot fault them for dispensing and following orders because it is in the interest of the public to do so. Nonetheless, they have obviously overstepped their boundaries in some cases and I condemn any sort of torture or killing of unarmed individuals regardless of their affiliation. Their duty is to protect us ALL by all means possible.

Let’s not forget that the media are aggravating this matter by posting other fake news and clips that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. It is not helping the situation, when normal individuals on social media post news they know is fake to further make matters worse. They should know that they are sanctioning the deaths of many without knowing it. It is not funny neither is it a game. Human lives are at stake and we should reconsider the part we are playing In the whole saga.

I would like to reiterate my position on the matter at hand. I am NOT against self determination. However, I am against any matter of national security that is processed without the care of others and their rights in mind.

We cannot play the part of a wolf and cry wolf at the same time. Holding a country to ransom is neither fair on those who do not support the cause as well as the military who are now in a desperate situation to keep matters under control. Please note they I am not excusing their blunders. They cannot allow the nation to wallow in turmoil and do nothing. That is a fact and collateral damage is inevitable. Which is why we should check ourselves and reconsider the mode of engagement.

We are a highly educated nation. The recent events is a disappointment to our integrity whether we feel we belong to Nigeria or not. At this very minute we are still very much part of the Nigerian society.

It’s rather unfortunate that after all we have been through as a nation, we allow those with personal political vendettas to cajole us into risking our lives to further their cause. It is very sad indeed…